Telewestdigital Cable deploys Two Way TV

(Courtesy of DTG of UK)

Two Way TV, leaders inlive interactive TV entertainment, and Telewest Communications, the UK’s secondlargest cable operator, have reached agreement to deploy Two Way TV’sinteractive entertainment service on the Telewest digital cable network.Telewest will roll out Two Way TV’s interactive games and sports applications ontheir ‘Active Digital’ Service from early summer. Two Way TV games give viewersthe chance to watch, play and win, live, on TV gameshows and quizzes, and evento place stakes on sporting events.


Two Way TV’s gamesservice will feature strongly in Telewest’s interactive programming for ActiveDigital, since Telewest believe that consumers will have a strong appetite forTwo Way TV games, and they hope that the service will act as a successfulrevenue generator and ratings builder. The games will exploit the uniquecapabilities of the digital cable network and help to distinguish the cableoffering from other digital platforms.

Telewest digitalcustomers will be able to enjoy Two Way TV’s play-as-you watch enhanced TVgames, synchronised with broadcast TV – plus a whole host of other competitiveactivities on-demand. The initial service will provide two dedicated interactivechannels, Two Way Games and Two Way Sports.

Two Way TV are delightedto be deploying their service on the Telewest digital platform – they believethat it will open new revenue streams and build loyalty. Telewest’s highbandwidth digital cable TV network will support the extensive two-wayinteractivity, enabling subscribers to compete live against each other and winprizes.


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