Teleperformance is one of the best employers according to Great Place to Work

Mexico has a place where you can passionately work for people, customers and companies: it’s about that TeleperformanceWhere living with passion, commitment and dedication is the formula of excellence for the employees, the customers they represent and the fulfillment of their most important social promise: creating opportunities and continuing to contribute to the community of more than 28,000 employees.

For the fifth year in a row, the French-born company with 25 years of experience in Mexico received certification from Good place to work for Mexico in the category of more than 5,000 employees who qualify in the following rankings:

  • # 14 The best jobs in 2021 In times of challenge Awarded to companies that made a difference for their employees during the pandemic.
  • # 15 Best Employers 2021 FOR EVERYONE.
Teleperformance is one of the best employers according to Great Place to Work
Teleperformance is one of the best employers according to Great Place to Work

“Despite the challenges and obstacles of 2020, we made progress thanks to the incredible effort and dedication of each of our employees. With this certification, we reaffirm our commitment to evolve and create a better workplace for everyone, ”said Alejandro Hernández, Human Resources Manager for Teleperformance Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

Teleperformance Cloud Campus. Photo: Courtesy

Last year, Teleperformance ensured the implementation of its core values ​​in order to achieve three main goals during the COVID-19 pandemic: protecting the health of employees, maintaining employment and continuing to care for customers. Operations were converted in record time through the immediate migration of 85% of its employees to teleworking or the cloud campus.

Now the company offers its employees a number of benefits, including a sustainable and inclusive way of working, more efficient and effective recruitment, training and management of remote teams.

In addition, the company remains committed to promoting inclusion by offering people with generational diversity, limited mobility and disabilities equal job opportunities, regardless of gender or preferences.

Virtual floors were implemented through the team management platforms to expand the scope and restore normal operation of physical contact centers with the aim of establishing and maintaining a connection with their employees.

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