Telegram will close the TON test network in August 2020

Although Telegram canceled its blockchain project Telegram Open Network (TON) in May 2020, the TON test network has apparently been running for almost a year.

In an update from July 6th The official group responsible for TON development announced on Telegram that it will end support for the TON test network. The remaining TON validators will be shut down by August 1st. In the post, an employee of the TON network recommended that the participants save all relevant data and end their test processes.

Although the test network should be closed in less than a month, network participants can continue their tests even after the test network has been shut down. To do this, users can install their own test network validators, which are described in more detail in three different explanatory documents that contain guidelines for the full node, validator, and test programs.

The test network was started in September 2019

Telegram will close the TON test network in August 2020
Telegram will close the TON test network in August 2020

Telegram launched the TON test network for the browser and node software on September 6, 2019. In anticipation of the launch on October 31, last year, the company released an alpha version of an iOS wallet for working with its local token, the Gram. However, Telegram’s plans for TON were never fully realized because in mid-October, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission suddenly considered Telegram’s $ 1.7 billion ICO illegal.

After a long lawsuit with U.S. regulators, Telegram agreed to complete the TON project and return $ 1.2 billion to its investors, all in accordance with the court’s final agreement approved. As Pavel Durov, CEO of Telegram, officially announced, the company had already paid back more than $ 1.2 billion by June 25.

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