Telegram is committed to handing over ICO documents to the SEC

Telegram submitted a declaration of consent Approval of submission of financial documents filed on May 7 by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

This documentation contains purchase and distribution orders for gram tokens of the first investors in their Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for 2018.

Telegram gave way Product of the community decision Free Telegram Open Network (TON) de Start a blockchain version of TON through a fork.

Telegram is committed to handing over ICO documents to the SEC
Telegram is committed to handing over ICO documents to the SEC

The SEC suspended the telegram for October 2019 Conduct sales transactions without a securities license. later six months of trials, New York District Judge P. Kevin Castel issued a mandate on March 24th of this year, Prevent the company from introducing TON.

American investors are refunded at a rate of 72 cents on the dollarInternational participants will now receive a 72% refund or wait until April 2021 in exchange for a 110% refund.

The telegram corresponds to the SEC

telegram agreed to provide the SEC “the documentation of any agreement that was offered or made with all early investors“their grief tokens before May 20th.

The company will provide the bank with additional banking documents and Answer questions about the degrees already submitted.

They will also provide information “about assets that have been settled to initial investors under purchase contracts and assets that have been earned through completed orders”.

Telegram also agreed with that SEC petitions in February and agreed not to object to delivery times. However, the company reserves all other necessary objections and rights.

Community starts “Free TON” without telegram

Declaration of consent of the telegram registered on the same day where the ‘Free TON’ community released a blockchain version of TON, in apparent defiance of the SEC and Pavel Durov, Founder of Telegram. The Free TON community stated that “the original creator of TON (Telegram / The Open Network) could no longer be involved in blockchain software”.

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