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Telefónica offers IoT, blockchain and AI technology to support startups in Spain, Germany and the UK

May 27, 2020

Telefónica supports the “Telefónica Activation Program”. It is an initiative for startups and SMEs from Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom who want to improve their technological solutions and accelerate their business development through IoT (Internet of Things), blockchain and big data / IA grouped in Telefónica Tech. This was reported from an article published in Cibersur.

According to this publication, Telefónica offers the possibility to use different company platforms in each of these technologies completely free of charge for six months.

It should be noted that Startups from these three countries wishing to participate in this initiative can submit their applications by June 22.

Telefónica offers IoT, blockchain and AI technology to support startups in Spain, Germany and the UKTelefónica offers IoT, blockchain and AI technology to support startups in Spain, Germany and the UK

This initiative is carried out in an international context in which digital transformation and Industry 4.0 are of particular importance. Companies around the world experience a special moment and rethink plans and working methods. Startups can see new technologies as tools that serve the future.

“”The startups will opt for the opportunity to conduct a pilot project with Telefónica and its portfolio of corporate customers and to conduct an analysis to assess Wayra’s investment opportunity”, You detailed in the article.

Irene Gómez, director of Connected Open Innovation at Telefónica, said:

“Collaboration is more important than ever. That’s why we want Connected Open Innovation to help startups scale by giving them access to our technology platforms by using APIs for free, quickly and easily.”


Startups that are accepted in the blockchain category can get unlimited access to TrustOS modules for the duration of the program. “Thanks to this hybrid solution developed by Telefónica (which combines public and private networks), they can simultaneously benefit from the transparency and trust of public networks and ensure the performance and scalability required for business operations,” they said.

Internet of things

On the other hand, those who are accepted in the IoT category benefit from six months of free IoT connectivity with access to Kite, an IoT connectivity platform developed by Telefónica. There is also the option of requesting LPWA connectivity that will also give you an IoT module and access to the Thinx laboratories in Madrid and Barcelona. There they can create prototypes and even test them in a real environment.

Artificial intelligence and big data

When it comes to big data / AI technology, startups have access to the LUCA Suite tool, which can be used to automate data processing in just a few minutes. This tool has machine learning features in a simple and intuitive way.

Competent support

“Throughout the experience, a team of Telefónica experts provide personalized support tailored to the needs of each startup, as well as additional training and networking services to get the most out of the program,” the article concluded.

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