Teddy bears are born in this Mexican city

Xonacatlán, a city in the state of Mexico, covers 70% of the demand for this type of toy in the country.

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Teddy bears are born in this Mexican city
Teddy bears are born in this Mexican city

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The fluff is flying all over town, of the more than 500 Factories Teddy bears you can find it here. Hundreds of women and men work in them, filling huge abdominal muscles with polyester, putting eyes on their eyes and drawing the smile of each doll with red thread.

Loads full of fat bears Course to Tijuana and until Yucatan PeninsulaThat’s why producers are proud to say that if you have a teddy bear at home, the chance that it was born here is 70% Xonacatlán, Parish of State of Mexico.

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But this town is only just being recognized for the giant stuffed animal it really is. Few Mexicans know of their existence. Many continue to believe that their stuffed animals can only come from there of Asian monsters How Taiwan or China.

That is why those who have heard of this corner of Mexico do not hesitate to walk the streets of this city to find shops selling bears, long-eared dogs, smiling elephants, crazy monkeys or cartoon characters made of stuffed animals at affordable prices for the bride give, but above all “do business”.

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But you can also come to this city and ask one of the factories Grab it to see what the plush production process looks like as most workshop managers love to show how their job is done.

One of the workshops Unknown Mexico attended was Mardán, where they not only made stuffed animals, but also developed their own machines to fill each of their “monkeys” with polyester.

Ortiz, director of a stuffed animal house, says no one expected Xonacatlán to become the stuffed animal kingdom it is today, having been one of the poorest communities in this area 30 years ago State of Mexico. Until one day the city government gave workshops on making dolls and the first manufacturers came from there.

Image: Unknown about Mexico

Since then the city has improved because more people have jobs and so do they shops from the area have benefited from the arrival of visitors.

But the big brands have also turned to Xonacatlán because, for example, dog food companies are starting to include stuffed animals for pets in their bags, which are made in this city.

Even the Mexican Pacific League sends Xona factories to make their branded toys.

Without a doubt a very interesting city.

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