Tecnológico de Monterrey: free online courses for 2020

Tecnológico de Monterrey presented its agenda of free and virtual courses for this 2020.

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Tecnológico de Monterrey: free online courses for 2020
Tecnológico de Monterrey: free online courses for 2020

Positioned as one of the most important universities in Latin America, the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education updated its educational offer for students in the region. This is a dozen free online courses that you can take at this time.

What can i learn

The Tec de Monterrey courses allow us to train in a series of topics such as writing and spelling, innovative products, university physics, mathematics, among others.

How can I register?

To register for free, just go to the link of each course and create a user profile with our personal data. Before finalizing our registration we have to choose whether or not we want to obtain the digital certificate that is awarded at the end of a course.

What requirement must I meet to obtain the certificate?

It is important to note that the right of accreditation is subject to an optional payment, and if you are a student of Tec de Monterrey, you can acquire academic credits for your university education.

To receive the certification you have to successfully pass all the teaching modules of each virtual course. The accreditation will be granted automatically to the student in PDF format.

Now, we are going with the detailed agenda of free online courses offered by the Tecnológico de Monterrey:

Evaluation of Learning in Clinical Scenarios

  • Content: Learn how teaching develops in various clinical settings, from the point of view of the student and the teacher.
  • Link: Register for free

Physics: Dimension and Movement

  • Content : Not only will you prepare for university physics, but at the same time you will be sensitized to be able to understand and assimilate phenomena and solve problems of everyday life.
  • Link : Register for free

The Calculation – Linear Model

  • Content: An approach to Pre-University Mathematics that prepares for University Mathematics. In it a real meaning is associated with the mathematical content that is learned and digital technologies are integrated into the learning process.
  • Link: Register for free

Concepts and Tools for University Physics

  • Content: Mathematical concepts and tools to model problems in physics, enter differential and integral calculus, and learn the management of vector physics.
  • Link: Register for free

Writing: Fundamentals

  • Content: Know the rules and writing strategies to develop a consistent final product, agile reading and appropriate to the intended audience.
  • Link: Register for free

Fundamentals of academic writing

  • Content: Develop the competence of written communication at the level of correction with which it prepares for the development of University texts.
  • Link: Register for free

Rapid development of innovative products for emerging markets

  • Content: Learn the process for the Rapid Development of Innovative Products for emerging markets through the application of 3 phases: imagination, conceptualization, and design.
  • Link: Register for free

The Calculation – Cubic Model

  • Content: Develop a mathematical thought in learning content related to the Cubic Model.
  • Link: Register for free

Differential and Integral Calculation united by the Fundamental Theorem of Calculation

  • Content: Describe how polynomial, natural exponential, and trigonometric (sine and cosine) mathematical models are a construction that responds to this prediction practice.
  • Link: Register for free

The Calculation – Quadratic Model

  • Content: in this free course we will recap pre-university contents related to the Quadratic Model.
  • Link: Register for free

The Calculation – Other Models

  • Content: The reinterpretation of the mathematical contents related to Models with Radicals and Exponents is proposed in terms of notions and processes of Differential Calculation.
  • Link: Register for free

Physics: Vectors, Work and Energy

  • Content: A very complete virtual course that provides the student with mathematical concepts and tools to model problems in physics, which when applied can successfully face university physics courses.
  • Link: Register for free

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