Technological pandemic and blockchain is the cure

Since this pandemic began, many countries have had to close all businesses, schools, universities, cities and borders. It is no longer just a virus It has claimed more than 190,000 deaths worldwide and infected more than 2.7 million;; it has already become a new way of life.

The survival of species requires adjustment in general lines, that’s what evolution is about, and as much as we believe we’re different, we really aren’t. The Covid-19 has used its best weapon to destroy nations around the world, “the contact”.

All religions have invited us to be reconciling with our neighbors that we are kind and decent. Over the years, kindness became manners, decency in the way of acting, and it turns out that the contact that was developed to treat us decently and kindly cost us our lives.

Technological pandemic and blockchain is the cure
Technological pandemic and blockchain is the cure

This virus has tested the human intelligence we boast ofThe truth is that even all of the technological advances we have We couldn’t discover the cure to this invisible evil that does not distinguish race, culture, age, gender or belief. Ergo has made great efforts by leaders from around the world, so the investments and manipulations don’t take long.

Blockchain in Argentina: With a view to Covid-19, CADIEEL presented possible solutions to the government

Millions of dollars a day are mobilized to buy medical supplies, food, transportation, and economic sectors that allow the flow of money. Therefore, the way of life changed us, the world was not yet ready to jump abruptly from 20% of the remote workers to almost 50%.

Hence the blockchain is coming to solve some of the vicissitudes that have arisen in the context of treating the virus on a global scale. The transparency that this technology offers is the light on the way for investors and benefactors. Traceability which is another feature of this technology It increases confidence in its use to combat this pandemic.

While scientists are busy testing vaccines, others are busy making profits in the midst of this pandemic that has spoken to people like Syren Johnstone, who serves as executive director of the University of Hong Kong. In a letter published by the University of Oxford, Syren highlighted the multiple uses of this technology, while calling on technology development companies to help solve the global health crisis.

This is not an isolated case in Latin America Hack Covid 19 is an initiative launched in Uruguay and managed by the Da Vinci Foundation and the Center for Innovation and ship at the ORT University (CIE). Now it is also used in Argentina and Costa Rica as well as in companies such as IBM and the USA Startup AEternity.

CADIEEL (Argentine Chamber of Electronics, Electromechanical and Lighting Industry) is a nonprofit civil society that represents a total of 2,200 industries across the country in a variety of industries employing highly skilled professionals. It is based in the city of Buenos Aires; presented a compendium of Technological proposals to the Argentine government to alleviate this crisis with real-world applications that can more effectively identify and fight the virusto prevent the virus from spreading further, thereby preventing the pandemic from growing.

Solutions such as hyperchain have been introduced to prevent corruption scandals or donor diversions from interfering with the fight against the virus. This type of blockchain solution was used back in 2018 when it fell victim to the floods in Uganda that caused great devastation in that country. These blockchain solutions were also used in Australia when the loss of millions of hectares of trees caused by fire was recorded. .

In retrospect, the transparency and traceability of technology creates trust, and trust leads to investments. In these cases, millions of donations need to be used correctly to promote their growth.

Another solution that represents the use of the blockchain is the database that it can host. With the growing need for medical care, the need for efficient data to truly determine the inventory of available care has been opened. This prevents companies that produce input from hiding product records and thus manipulating the supply and demand market.

Shazong and hyperchain are also used to track deliveries and prevent counterfeiting.that guarantees their quality, which is crucial in this pandemic.

Since this virus is dynamic and a lot of information is generated about it, The transparent and efficient registration of the blockchain is used by companies like Haslog. This platform contains real-time data on the number of people infected worldwide, the mortality rate and the number of people restored. You can use filters on the platform to observe the information by country or region as desired.

Another project that is currently in use is Unlike other projects, MyPasa tries to ensure that the information is fallible. For this purpose, various information sources are combined and as soon as the information has been collected and checked in the blockchain network This option allows you to discard the spoofed messages so healthcare professionals, developers, ambassadors, and data analysts can serve and access the network at the same time. This network is mainly used by the World Health Organization (WHO), IBM, ORACLE.

All of these practical initiatives have shown that the blockchain is not just a crypto advance used for cryptocurrencies. The possible uses are as far as the imagination itself allows. That is why governments around the world are already using them to enable a comprehensive modernization of administrations.

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