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Techniques to increase your credibility

February 20, 2020

Personal credibility is not created from nothing: it is cultivated over time. But how?

The opinions expressed by employees are personal.

An entrepreneur lives or dies based on his credibility. You could have the best product or service in the world, but if customers can't trust you, they won't buy it. It's that simple.

Techniques to increase your credibilityTechniques to increase your credibility

Personal credibility is not created from nothing: it is cultivated over time . But how? Here, 10 techniques that will make you a much more reliable source, and a much more successful entrepreneur.

1. Admit your trips

If you make a mistake, accept it. No one likes to be wrong. Although admitting your stumbling blocks may seem humiliating, actually being frank will increase your credibility.

You are fallible, and others know it. When you accept it, you take a step towards full responsibility … and a huge step towards your own credibility.

2. Make your social networks consistent

Consistency is a key component of credibility. If each of your social media profiles tells the same story, then you will denote consistency. Keeping your social profiles up to date is a habit you must cultivate to build your personal brand.

3. Offer compliments

False compliments are a sure way to see yourself artificial … and who likes someone who speaks pretty, but falsely? However, offering a sincere and genuine compliment is completely different. When you recognize someone's strengths, that person develops a reciprocal attitude of respect and appreciation.

You can offer compliments to your coworkers, customers, partners or anyone in your life. When others see that you know how to recognize the qualities of others, they will strengthen their confidence in you.

Linkedin is an excellent place to recognize the work of others publicly. The recommendations show that you respect, appreciate and value the work of another person. As an additional benefit, people can return the favor and recommend you.


4. Lose a negotiation

s are known for their ability to negotiate. But does winning a negotiation always imply a victory for your personal credibility? Analyze your next negotiation in detail. What do you have to lose? What can you win? Keep in mind that, if you win at any rate, you could lose credibility. If you distort the facts, twist your opponents arm, defame your competition or lose your cool, you will lose something much more important.

What is more valuable: your long-term credibility or a short-term victory? If you lose a strategic negotiation to save your credibility, you could be winning in the long run.

5. Don't start a sentence saying “to be honest”

In everyday language, many people use the phrase “to be honest.” However, when someone feels the need to assert their honesty, they subtly reduce their credibility. What does this phrase say about you? Do you usually be not honest? Do you need to assure others that this time you are being honest?

“To be honest” is a phrase that can create doubts about your personal credibility. Avoid the.


6. Listen to others

The more you talk, the greater your chance of breaking your credibility into pieces. Instead of hoarding the conversation, try to learn to listen. This shows that you are willing to learn and accept the opinions of others.

7. Dress like a professional

Like it or not, personal appearance has a huge impact on credibility. To prove that you are someone credible, you should dress as such. Focus on improving your credibility through your wardrobe. If you dress properly, many doors will open for you.

A well-dressed person automatically communicates professionalism, attention to detail, self-awareness and complete credibility.

8. Say “I don't know” from time to time

No human being is omniscient. As smart as you are, you can't know everything. In the course of your daily life, you may have to admit your ignorance about some subject.

It is tempting for an entrepreneur to have the answer or solution to every question or problem, but you cannot expect to know everything. Instead of risking giving wrong information , admit when you don't know something.

A true “I don't know” can do more than you imagine for your credibility.

9. Write for other websites

Your credibility depends largely on how much you contribute to the world in general. But how can you contribute something to your environment? Doesn't it sound ambiguous?

Actually, it is quite simple. Currently, entrepreneurs contribute to their environment by sharing their knowledge and experience. And a great way to do it is to write for other websites.

When your content is published on other sites, this is an immediate sign that you are a credible person. In order to write on reputable sites, you must start from the bottom. Start by creating a blog. Then, write for sites in your industry niche . Then throw it at the biggest sites.

10. Win a prize

An award is an important recognition of your credibility, affirmed by a third party. But how can you win one? Applying to start.
Many industry awards do not fall for the unsuspecting: they are sought by those who trust their abilities and are willing to accept recognition for their work. This does not make you an arrogant person, but a person who knows what he is good at.

When you can point to a showcase of public trophies instead of your own claims your credibility will be enhanced.

Keep in mind that your credibility can be cultivated, but also ruined from one second to another. Take it very seriously and, over time, others will do the same.

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