Tampa Mayor accepts bitcoin payments, report says

Jane Castor, the mayor of Tampa Bay, Florida, has announced that she will accept her salary in Bitcoin (BTC), according to several sources who attended the Florida Bitcoin Blockchain Summit.

Castor announced the Friday morning on the second day of the summit, which will be held at the Amalie Arena in downtown Tampa. According to event attendees, Celsius Network cryptocurrency lending platform will facilitate BTC payments from the mayor.

The news quickly spread via Crypto Twitter with Bitcoin evangelist Anthony Pompliano pointing that a total of four mayors in the United States have started accepting at least a portion of their paychecks in BTC.

Tampa Mayor accepts bitcoin payments, report says
Tampa Mayor accepts bitcoin payments, report says

Castor’s decision appears to have been influenced by Francis Su¡rez of Miami, who recently became the first mayor to accept part of his salary in bitcoin. New York’s newly elected Mayor Eric Adams followed suit and announced that it would accept its first three payrolls entirely in cryptocurrency.

Su¡rez and the newly elected Adams have spoken out in favor of turning their respective cities into cryptocurrency hubs. After his election, Adams did explained that New York City will become the “center of the cryptocurrency industry”.

Although Bitcoin has seen several episodes of extreme price volatility this year, Bitcoin hit all-time highs again in late October and continues to trade above $ 60,000. The price increase was accompanied by growing acceptance by regulators and financial institutions, as well as by merchants and payment processors.

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