Taliban say Afghans who worked for international forces “will not be in danger” in Afghanistan

The Taliban have ensured that all Afghans who have worked for international forces are safe after the withdrawal of foreign troops and have declared that they have no reason to leave the Central Asian country.

“Large numbers of Afghans have been misled during the 20-year occupation and have worked with foreign forces as interpreters, guards or other accused. Now that foreign troops are withdrawing from Afghanistan, these Afghans are trying to get out of the country too flee and are afraid, “insurgents have said.

In their statement signed by the group’s spokesman, Zabihulá Mujahid, they stated that “the Islamic Emirate wants to inform these people that they should show repentance for their past actions and stop participating in these activities in the future because they are equivalent betrayal to Islam and the country. “

Taliban say Afghans who worked for international forces “will not be in danger” in Afghanistan
Taliban say Afghans who worked for international forces “will not be in danger” in Afghanistan

However, the Taliban insisted that “no one should leave the country” and added that “no one will disturb them”. Indeed, he requested that “they return to their normal life and, when they have experience in an area, serve their country”. “You will not be in danger from us,” they stressed.

“We saw them as our enemies when they were right in the ranks of our enemies, but if they leave the ranks of the enemy and choose to live as normal Afghans in their homeland, they will have no problem and they shouldn’t be afraid said Mujahid. Statement published on his account on the social network Twitter.

For this reason, he has stressed that these people “should have a quiet life in their own country”, although he stressed that “if they use ‘danger’ as an excuse to promote their false asylum case, it will be their problem and not “their problem: the mujahideen of the Islamic emirate.”

Various countries, including the USA, have plans to relocate their local staff, and around 18,000 inquiries are currently being processed in the US embassy in Kabul, according to the German news agency DPA.

According to the US NGO No One Left Behind, almost 300 people who worked as local US Army personnel or their families have been killed in attacks since 2016.

On the other hand, two members of the security forces and a civilian were shot dead this Monday in Kabul, as the city police confirmed in statements to the Afghan television broadcaster Ariana.

Likewise, the Taliban have taken over the center of Shahrak district in Ghor Province (west), said Provincial Governor Abdulzahir Faiz Zada, who stressed that security forces have evacuated the area to save civilian casualties in the fighting.

The news of the advance of the insurgents came two days after a Taliban car bomb attack on a checkpoint that killed ten officers, according to the Afghan television broadcaster Tolo TV.

Afghanistan has plunged into an increase in violence despite the peace talks between the government and the Taliban that began in the Qatari capital Doha in September and the withdrawal of international troops from the country.

In this context, the Taliban have made territorial gains in recent months, raising concerns about the possible inadequate capacity of the Afghan security forces to use to their advantage in peace negotiations.

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