Talent Land Latin America takes place next week

The event will take place entirely online from November 9th to 12th.

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  • The event will be presented from 9 to 12 November 2020 with more than 140 hours of content and more than 40 hours of specialist workshops with executives.
Talent Land Latin America takes place next week
Talent Land Latin America takes place next week

Talent Network the gifts Talent Land from Jaliscowith the aim of taking the Talent Land concept out of its national context in an online edition of the meeting, which is open to participants from across the Latin American region.

“We have decided to make the call for its participants to the regions of Latin America, in order to encourage among the youth of these countries the development of the skills and talents that distinguish them, as well as their creativity, commitment and ingenuity to show that they can be above average at any location or geographical reference, ”explain the organizers.

The event will be presented from November 9 to 12, 2020 on with more than 140 hours of content and more than 40 hours of specialist workshops with executives in the fields of entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity, science and technology and 1 Hackathon with a prize pool of 100,000 Mexican pesos.

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Participants can attend lectures from international talent references such as Edward Snowden, Julioprofe, Patricia Armendáriz, Javier Matuk, Julieta Fierro, Beakman and Sofía Macías.

Talent Land Latin America aims to bring together more than a million users connected to a privileged and diverse content program divided into themes that are in turn distributed over three different simultaneous broadcast channels: Tech Channel, Human Channel and Classic Channel.

Tech Channel

Digital and computer creations as well as the most outstanding technological advances are presented on this channel on the following topics: Artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud technology, data science (BIG DATA) and cybersecurity; Manufacturers, robots and drones, Internet of things, Bitcoin Ethereum technology, cryptocurrencies and DEFI, medicine and biotechnology, music innovation, future technologies, esports, tools for innovation and adapting to business change.

Human channel

The human sense predominates through the development and maturity of concepts such as: graphics, transmedia, software development, energy and Industry 4.0, blockchain development, emotional health and fitness, environment, digital transformation, jobs of the future, development and video game trends, financing and crowdfunding, ship; New business and sustainability.

Classic channel

It is the opportunity to meet great representatives who are changing the world with their talent. A selection of the best conferences from the 2018 and 2019 editions of the Jalisco Talent Land events in the Mexican city of Guadalajara.

The event also offers points of discussion and interaction through workshops, Chat rooms, meet and greet Y. NetworkingIn addition, participants can adapt and download a certificate of attendance.

The activities are free for the participants. The only requirement is prior registration on the event website.

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