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Taking advantage of the Netflix Party, dive into these 10 documentaries for entrepreneurs

March 19, 2020

Why not use these days to carry out a strange integration activity with your team? Watch a documentary together!

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Do you and your team have to make a home office for the advancement of the coronavirus ? You can take advantage of these low business days to get inspired and carry out a strange integration activity: watch a documentary with your team!

Taking advantage of the Netflix Party, dive into these 10 documentaries for entrepreneursTaking advantage of the Netflix Party, dive into these 10 documentaries for entrepreneurs

Due to the social distancing that is recommended to slow the advance of Covid-19 , Google Chrome enabled a tool to watch Netflix movies with your friends. This extension called Netflix Party serves to watch programs of the streaming service remotely with friends since it synchronizes the video playback and adds group chat ( Download it free here! ).

Why not take advantage of this tool to inspire your team with some documentaries that they can watch at the same time and share their comments? It is a very good way to keep your team spirited, inspire them and brainstorm to apply the teachings of these programs.

1. Everyday Miracles (2014)

  • What it's about: Scientist Mark Miodownik helps us analyze everyday objects and how they revolutionized our lives in their own way.
  • Why watch it with your team: It is a great program to find inspiration in worldly things and give them a twist that can transform an industry.

2. Nothing is private (2019)

  • What it's about: An in-depth analysis of the Cambridge Analytica case and its effect on the 2016 presidential election in the United States through social media.
  • Why watch it with your team: Data privacy and cybersecurity will become an important asset for companies that want to stand out with new generations and this program explains why.

3. League of Legends: Origins (2019)

  • What it's about: League of Legends is more than a video game. It is one of the giants of the increasingly powerful egaming industry.
  • Why watch it with your team: This documentary tells through fans, experts and creators how this game went from a simple free demo to the virtual sports giant that it is today. Great for generating a team vision.

4. American Factory (2019)

  • What it's about: This Oscar-winning documentary chronicles the culture shock of a Chinese company reopening a factory in Ohio.
  • Why watch it with your team: Do you want to expand your business outside your country? This production backed by Barack and Michelle Obama is perfect for understanding what the “American Dream” really is like.

5. Williams (2017)

  • What it's about: Learn about the life of Sir Frank Williams and how he created the Williams Grand Prix Engineering Formula 1 team.
  • Why watch it with your team: Williams' life took a dramatic turn when a serious accident nearly destroyed his motorsports empire. What better film to watch in this contingency than one that talks about resilience?

6. Saving Capitalism (2017)

  • What it is about: Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor of the United States, seeks to explain how the modern economic system of the West must be transformed before the new needs and desires of ordinary people.
  • Why watch it with your team: This documentary seeks to understand what will be the evolution of capitalism in the face of changing market ideals. Do you have a social entrepreneurship? This is the program you must watch, at least to understand what needs to change.

7. Don't Look Down (2016)

  • What it's about: Sir Richard Branson tells us what his record breaking fight on a hot air balloon has been like.
  • Why watch it with your team: This is a very innovative documentary that helps to understand a little more the mind of one of the most successful entrepreneurs in history without falling into the typical business lessons.

8. Jiro Dreams of Sushi (2011)

  • What it's about: The great sushi master Jiro Ono tells how his passion and dedication led him to be one of the great culinary figures in Japan.
  • Why watch it with your team: Do you have people on your team who don't understand the importance of hard work? This documentary is ideal to demonstrate the value of hard work since it shows the path that Ono had to follow to get to charge $ 300 per dish in his restaurant for 10 people at his 85 years.

9. Bobby Robson: More than a technical director (2018)

  • What it's about: It tells the story of Bobby Robson, the iconic England National Team coach, and how his management strategies were based on love for his teams.
  • Why watch it with your team: This is a great documentary to watch as a team if you want to form leaders since, through Robson's history, you can see the importance of passion for the work and for the people with whom you works.

10. Generation Mars (2017)

  • What it's about: Follow the path of a group of young people seeking the dream of reaching Mars and helping humanity to take the next step.
  • Why watch it with your team: This documentary also reviews NASA's history and reflects on the importance of individual work to achieve a great goal.

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