Take advantage of technology! Here are some tools to manage the home office

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Take advantage of technology! Here are some tools to manage the home office
Take advantage of technology! Here are some tools to manage the home office

This note is part of the series “s Monday with Chivas Regal” where we want you to continue developing your business from home.

The home office was a growing trend, yet it rose exponentially fast after the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing everyone who could stay home. Today, the Internet and digital applications are the best way to stay connected with our customers, associates and workers, allowing us to continue generating profits and maintaining the success of our ventures.

There are many developments and platforms that allow you to carry out the tasks of your company from home, but before sharing them we want to remind you of some of the things you must keep in mind to work from home and be productive:

  • Set hours, start and end time.
  • Set a different workspace than the one you use to rest.
  • Avoid distractions , make a routine.
  • Explain to your family and friends that, even if you are from home, you are busy.
  • Last but not least and the topic that concerns us mainly, take advantage of the technology and tools it offers.

Next, we will recommend the tools that you must take into account so that your home office is successful and you stay connected with your employees, with your clients and with your partners.

For project management: although today we are in times of physical social distancing, the virtual approach becomes a key to remain productive.

  • Basecamp: it is a platform that allows you to manage projects remotely.
  • It is another application that works for the management and delivery of tasks.
  • Boomerang: if your team is not in the same time zone that you do not worry, this tool will help you to match their times and program your Gmail through Chrome, Firefox or Safari.
  • Time Trade: allows you to synchronize calendars with the people you meet and is perfectly complemented by Google Calendar.

For storage: There are many options in the cloud that allow you to store documents and even share them with others.

  • Dropbox : This virtual location stores documents securely, granting access to anyone who needs it.
  • Google Drive : allows you to create and store documents in a shared way.

For virtual meetings: even if the meetings are necessary, avoid falling into ” juntitis “, carry them out effectively through any of these platforms.

  • Google Meet: it is an option that the technology offers you just by having a Gmail account and you can find it in its toolbar.
  • Zoom: Although Google employees have already been banned from using this app to connect, it can be very useful for the virtual meeting.
  • the first two are the most popular , this platform also allows you to share screens and is very useful when it comes to virtual meetings.

Stay connected with your clients: we know that communication with your work team is essential for everything to work. But, it is important that your clients know how they can acquire your products and services, especially since nowadays it is better that we all stay at home.

  • Keap: this is a mail service so that small companies can automate part of their digital marketing by mailing to specific databases.
  • Zendesk: if part of your business must offer good customer service, you should use this platform because it allows you to follow all the interactions it has.
  • Buffer: updating your social networks is something that cannot fail today, and having interactions in real time is something that will help you create a community. This tool allows you to schedule your publications on different social platforms.
  • Sprout Social: Like the previous one, this web application will help you schedule social media posts when you need them, even if your company runs more than one brand.

Finances: they are also important, if you have an accountant this option will not be so necessary, however, an application that helps you keep track of your expenses is very useful.

  • Freshbooks: it is an intuitive option that helps you keep track of your expenses.
  • Expensify: this application offers you to keep track of your payments, upload photos of receipts, and even makes it cumbersome to create expense reports.
  • Roambi: it is a tool that converts your business data into interactive charts by taking information from Excel, Google Spreadsheets, Box, etc. The platform is designed only for Apple devices, but it allows you to view the graphics, even if you are not connected to the Internet.

Finally, if you need to present a project to your boss or your employees, Prezi can be a good online option to create an attractive presentation, it is also stored in the cloud and you do not have so much risk of losing information.

These are recommendations that and Chivas Regal bring to you, share this note on social networks and tell us if you know of any other tools to carry out home office.

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