Taiwan’s president warns of “catastrophic consequences” should the island fall into the hands of China

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing Wen has warned of the “catastrophic consequences” that could result in the island falling entirely into the hands of China, and has assured the territory and its democracy in the face of the growing aggressiveness of the Asian giant.

Tsai’s words, found in an essay published Tuesday, come after 50 Chinese military planes breached the island’s airspace on the last day.

Taiwan’s president warns of “catastrophic consequences” should the island fall into the hands of China
Taiwan’s president warns of “catastrophic consequences” should the island fall into the hands of China

The Taiwanese “Prime Minister”, Su Tseng Chang, has warned of a serious violation of the “regional peace” and has indicated that Taiwan must remain vigilant against this type of activity at all times.

The Chinese army dispatched around 150 planes into Taiwanese airspace in the first four days of October, which Beijing saw as a show of force but was strongly condemned by the international community.

In a document published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs magazine, Tsai expressed Taiwan’s desire for peace but claimed that “if democracy and the Taiwanese way of life are in danger, Taipei will do everything in its power to defend itself”. according to The Straits Times newspaper.

However, he has urged other countries to “understand the value of working with Taiwan” in the face of other threats from Beijing. “And you have to keep in mind that a fall in Taiwan would have disastrous consequences for regional peace and the system of democratic alliances,” he said.

Beijing regards Taiwan as a province under its sovereignty and has ensured that the area is controlled by force if necessary. The government also considers the island’s authorities to be separatists.

“The consequences of a violent rupture would cause problems internationally and destabilize the entire western Pacific region,” warned Tsai, who pointed out, “Failure to defend Taiwan would not be catastrophic on its own. For Taiwanese, but also for security, “and development achieved over decades.”

For its part, the Chinese government continues to warn countries like the US against supporting “Taiwan separatists”. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying recalled that the United States “must strictly adhere to the one-China principle, abide by three joint Sino-US communiqués, and handle Taiwan-related issues with caution,” he said.

“It is necessary that the United States stop supporting the separatist forces demonstrating for Taiwan’s independence and take concrete steps to ensure peace and stability in the strait,” he said.

In response to this interference, China will take all necessary measures to prevent any plans to achieve Taiwan’s independence. “China’s decision and will to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity are immovable,” he added.

The Chinese government issued a tough statement Thursday denouncing the international efforts of Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu to support the island’s independence as “an act of lamentation” and “not much more important than the buzz of flies.”

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