Taiwan cuts diplomatic ties with Kiribati

TAIPÉI, Sep. 20 (Reuters / EP) –

Taiwan has reported Friday that it has severed diplomatic ties with Kiribati, which causes it to lose another ally amid Chinese pressure on the remaining nations with ties to the autonomous island.

Taiwan Foreign Minister Joseph Wi said that Taipei has cut off diplomatic relations with Kiribati and will immediately close his embassy.

Taiwan cuts diplomatic ties with Kiribati
Taiwan cuts diplomatic ties with Kiribati

The move comes days after the Solomon Islands government voted to cut ties with Taiwan and support China in its dispute with Taipei, despite efforts by the Taiwanese authorities to maintain the alliance.

The Asian giant has won the support of seven countries that previously supported Taipei since Tsai entered the Presidency in 2016.

The Beijing Government defends the principle of a single China, for which it does not recognize Taiwan as a country. The island, however, has an independent government since in 1949 the Chinese nationalists lost a civil war against the communists and fled the island.

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