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Taiwan calls on China to guarantee the rights of a Taiwanese detained since August 20

September 11, 2019

TAIPÉI, 11 Sep. (DPA / EP) –

The Government of Taiwan has called on the Chinese authorities to guarantee the rights of a Taiwanese citizen who has been detained in Chinese territory since entering Chinese mainland from the city of Hong Kong.

The Beijing Executive confirmed Wednesday the detention of the Taiwanese citizen. At a press conference in Beijing, the spokesman for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the Chinese State Council, Ma Xiaoguang, has said that the arrested man, whom he has identified as Lee Meng Chu, is being investigated for endangering the national security, according to the Taiwanese state agency CNA.

Lee, an advisor to Fangliao Township, in southern Taiwan, traveled alone to Hong Kong on August 18. “He lost contact with his family and friends after August 20, when he entered Shenzhen, in the Chinese province of Guangdong, according to data from the Taiwan Continental Affairs Council, the Taiwanese government agency that manages relations with Beijing .

Since the end of August, the Government of Taiwan has called on the Executive of China and Hong Kong to reveal more details about the situation of the missing Taiwanese citizen. After confirmation of the arrest by Beijing, the Taipei authorities have asked the Chinese government to guarantee Lee's safety and reveal more details about his case.

“So far we have not received information about the place of detention. China should guarantee Lee's Human Rights and legal rights and allow the visit of family members and lawyers as soon as possible,” Chiu Chiu Cheng, spokesman for the Council of Continental Affairs of Taiwan.

Lee, 44, who studied in New York (United States), often shares information about the pro-democracy movement and the latest protests in Hong Kong, which could have caused the malaise of the Chinese authorities.