Sybil attack, multiple identities on one face

In the previous paragraph we mentioned what a Sybil attack is and how it is carried out briefly. However, it is necessary to have a deeper knowledge of how it works or how this attack is carried out. It is because which we will explain briefly but exactly how it is carried out.

There are basically two ways to launch a Sybil attack:

Create a lot of accounts

Sybil attack, multiple identities on one face
Sybil attack, multiple identities on one face

Create a large number of nodes to be active in most of the network.

This is an attempt to convince or circumvent system security controls. Something they accomplish by diversifying through the false creation of multiple and dispersed identities. Identities that cannot be assigned and therefore have access to the network. However, this would only be the first step that attackers put into practice. This is the most malicious strategy.

In addition, it is said to be the most malicious strategy because it is used to damage the network. All with the aim of gaining control over it. So í Once the first step is done, the damage depends on the amount of domain they can have in their diversification depending on the access. Then when they act, they will do it as a large block that carries out associative actions.

The goal is simply to get the majority of the accounts or nodes within the platform. This is to perform actions that contradict the content parameters for which it was created. So í It is possible to delete the network or affect the operation. One class of events that we saw in previous attacks affected the Tor network and Bitcoin in 2014 and 2015.

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