SURFACING: Transportation Turned Performance Art: Nairobi’s Matatu Crews

“I believe in hard work, I never relax, and I dress to kill,” he said. “And my shoes and shirt color always match.”

Dennis Muraguri, 37, a multimedia artist in Nairobi, recalled a matatu stop outside his window growing up in Naivasha, a town west of Nairobi. “From when I was a kid, I was fascinated with the whole theater of it,” he said. The artist now creates vivid woodblock prints of matatus from scenes he photographs around Nairobi, and sells his artwork in Kenya and abroad. In his studio, his prints hang to dry on clotheslines, stickers with images of matatus cover the furniture and a photo series of matatu stunts lines the wall — a matatu obsession that he hopes is catching on.

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