Support your favorite restaurant: Order directly

In Mexico, 22.8% of food businesses are owned and run by their families. Time to help!

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Support your favorite restaurant: Order directly
Support your favorite restaurant: Order directly

Do you love the food of yours Favorite restaurant? Sure yes, but do you know that as a consumer, you play a key role in creating a business environment that benefits the entire industry? One of the most important lessons the restaurant industry has learned in recent months is that if having a website was previously desirable, it is now essential.

According to information from the National Chamber of Restaurants and the Skilled Food Industry (Canirac) and the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), health contingency in recent months has resulted in 72.6% of food and beverage stores seeing a decline in demand for their products. Because of this, digital channels will be the main tool they can use to keep working and reach their clients’ homes.

I share four positive effects you can get by ordering direct from local business website:

1. Closer and more personal: When you order directly from the restaurant’s website, you can be sure that it is not just another order: you are part of a community. When the facilities have the information, it will be easier for them to get to know you better, keep the thread of quality service and treat you closer, and even offer you more attractive promotions that will benefit both you and them.

2. You create a stronger digital ecosystem: As more restaurants use their own technological channels, they will be strengthened in the long run so that they can benefit from best practices and the tradition they have gained in terms of service and innovative experiences for the benefit of their guests.

In Mexico, 22.8% of food businesses are owned by the owners and their families / Image:

3. You create a fairer value chain: Every time you order directly from a company’s site, you are paying to create a value chain with better terms for everyone involved: restaurateurs, deliverers and you, the customer. Stopping digital services outsourcing allows the restaurateur to have resources that would otherwise be needed to pay excessive commissions in order to focus on what they know: making sure that the flavors and experiences are getting the fastest and best possible arrive at his customers. Guests.

4. You support the local economy: In Mexico, 22.8% of food businesses are owned and run by their families, according to the Mexican Restaurant Association. So by promoting direct buying, you are helping empower the local restaurant industry that they depend on. more than two million families.

Restaurants are an integral part of everyday life. It is no coincidence that there is a remarkable culinary tradition in Mexico: they connect us with our childhood, they present us dishes that are a passport to other countries. To the extent that we give their customers the ability to order groceries, we give them, as customers, better control over their business: knowing what we like, what the most interesting promotions are. And best of all: to be a thread that keeps us close.

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