Superman has the secret that will make you succeed: an alter ego

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Lots , Founders and those looking to start a business have always argued about the mood of the people Cheater Syndrome: This uncertainty of not knowing whether you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. These feelings are perfectly normal. Even the most successful in history have felt this way at some point in their lives.

Superman has the secret that will make you succeed: an alter ego
Superman has the secret that will make you succeed: an alter ego

What we never hear about the legends of the industry is the story behind them. There have been people like Martin Luther King Jr. who have used the traits and traits of their favorite heroes to overcome resistance and move closer to the reality they want to create.

And it turns out that this process has a scientific basis. Todd Herman, a mental coach and leadership strategist for Olympians and entrepreneurs, calls this psychological phenomenon hidden cognition, which says that the object has a hidden meaning when people attract and use something. For clarity, let’s look at real life examples that you’ve watched over and over, even though you may never have got the parts right.

Take a simple lab coat, for example. When we see someone wearing a lab coat, like a doctor, we consider that person to be someone who is focused, successful, trustworthy, hardworking, and hardworking. And studies have shown that when we see someone who wears glasses, we perceive them to be smart, patient, and successful.

Each of these objects has a hidden meaning. On the surface, we might think that these objects, or totems as Herman calls them, are only affecting the way others perceive you. But the beauty of it is that you can use it to unlock traits or traits that are required to be successful in both life and business.

Herman believes that you should see your life as if they were different playing fields. Entering any of these places you need to be prepared with the right qualities, traits, and the right personality. As you think about your life under this approach, you will find that we naturally take these traits into account in every situation. What Herman suggests is that you try to activate certain traits that are supposed to be successful on certain dishes, e.g. B. in the social environment or in your favorite hobby, your career, your school or your company.

The fact is that Herman, who is also the author of the book Alter ego effectdiscovered this process out of necessity. You see, there was a 21-year-old boy who suddenly looked after athletes. And although Herman managed to be an excellent one Trainer and has several awards in that regard, he claimed to look like a 12 year old boy. And while many would have loved to look so young, Herman felt insecure, as if people qualified to do what he did could only be over 40 years old to be taken seriously.

That story was the catalyst for what I needed to change. Even though he knew he was better than many of his peers and even though he was a great athlete, the point was that Herman’s confidence just wasn’t there.

As he looked back on his accomplishments as an athlete, he realized that there was a way to change the focus of this story, to become someone new, someone more confident, someone who was determined and articulate like his heroes Abraham Lincoln, Richard Branson and Joseph Campbell. .

What did Herman do? Conversely, he created a superman.

As Clark Kent went to a phone booth to take off his glasses and become SupermanHerman did the opposite. He got hold of non-magnified glasses (before wearing glasses was cool) and used them as a totem, something that unlocked the ability to embody the traits and traits he wanted. Simply putting on his glasses activated the person he wanted to be.

As simple as it may sound, this small change has helped him on the road to success eventually building and selling many successful businesses, which has had a positive impact on countless lives over the past decade.

Herman revealed the steps to unlock your heroic and entrepreneurial self. He strongly believes that anyone on this path of business and entrepreneurship can influence their career path by following this three step process.

Step 1. First, identify the payments that you want to view and accept

For Herman, this was trust, determination, and eloquence. It may be different for you, it may be about being a more focused person or being braver, being more charismatic or something completely different.

The key is to think clearly about the properties that you want to inherit and display as these will be the foundation. If you can’t think of anything, the second step can help you squeeze your mental juices.

Step 2. Take a minute to think about someone you admire

What qualities or characteristics does this person have? For example, one could think of Nelson Mandella, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Richard Branson, Oprah, Elon Musk or Abraham Lincoln. Or it could be your favorite movie character like Russell Crowe gladiator or Clark Kent in Superman.

The idea is very simple, but very powerful. And when you need even more inspiration, you can turn to nature, where the doors of possibility are always open.

Step 3. Now you need to find something to “lock in” these cognitive traits.

Not only has this been proven by science, we can see it in many people throughout history.

We have to understand that the object can be something unique to you and, above all, that it can be something very simple. The meaning will still be there, that is, the ability to activate the superhero who lives within you.

For Herman they were glasses. For you, it can be a belt, a hat, a ring, a bracelet, and even something as simple as socks or shoes. It depends on you.

Once you understand this concept, you can have different triggers depending on the field you are playing on. If you are in the yard of social life and want to be more charismatic, fun, and active, your totem can be a hat that will open conversation anywhere. Or if you are in the square of your favorite hobby, then maybe it is a pair of shoes that when you put them on will make you feel like the best athlete in the world.

This can affect your career, your ward, your church, your relationships, and every other aspect of your life because highlighting these characteristics will allow you to properly account for them in each area. This is what successful people do in subtle ways. “They are very clear about who they want to introduce in each company,” says Herman.

And now you can be too.

As expected, this is a rabbit hole that can be deepened and the only thing we saw is the surface. I believe that you are already analyzing the myriad options you have to use this information and unlock your heroic self.

By researching history, studying the natural sciences, and experimenting with others, Herman discovered the magic of the alter ego. Most importantly, he developed a simple, calculated method to expand on what you learn in his book.

There is a version of you waiting to start your business. Are you ready to let them out?

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