Super flame grills can be dangerous to your health. Profeco prohibits the sale

Built-in or surface-mounted gas grills for household use do not comply with official labeling and safety regulations.

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  • PROFECO prohibits the marketing of three gas grills for domestic use
  • The agency, headed by Ricardo Sheffield Padilla, said it had identified several points of non-compliance with labeling and safety regulations.
Super flame grills can be dangerous to your health. Profeco prohibits the sale
Super flame grills can be dangerous to your health. Profeco prohibits the sale

The Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco) banned the marketing and immobilized three models of gas grills for domestic use, which were imported from China by the company Súper Flama SA de CV, because they did not meet the official labeling and safety regulations, and initiated an administrative procedure to the importing company.

These are built-in or superimposed gas grills from the Supra brand for domestic use with electronic ignition in the 4Q-EA, 5Q-EC-N and 5Q-EA-T models.

Samples of the products obtained during the verification operations were analyzed by Profeco National Laboratory, which found various points where labeling and safety regulations were not being followed.

The analysis was carried out on the basis of the complaint filed with the National Association of Household Appliances Manufacturers (ANFAD) on September 3, 2019, which argued that the above models pose a threat to consumer safety.

According to the complaint, this applies because when used they produce carbon monoxide, which can have harmful effects. In addition, the grills can cause burns to the consumer if the heating parameters specified in the respective regulations are exceeded.

The complaint, which was resolved by three visits in 2019 on September 18, October 11 and November 11, was intended to verify that these grills meet the official Mexican standards NOM-024-SCFI-2013, NOM-003 – SCFI-2014, NOM-010-SESH-2012 and NOM-025-ENER-2013.

The company Súper Flama, based in Tlalnepantla, State of Mexico, requested the third party (another analysis) in the All Kaisen Lean laboratory, which confirmed the violations identified by the National Consumer Protection Laboratory for this reason, on July 3 and 15, 2020 Agreements made to initiate administrative proceedings, to ban the marketing and to immobilize the product.

The grills imported by Super Flama were sold at Home Depot México and Coppel.

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