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Summary of the Virtual Blockchain Week

May 4, 2020

In the last week Cointelegraph participated in Virtual Blockchain Week, a conference on crypto Pandemic safe, inviting participants from all over the world to the talks cwith some of the main lights of the blockchain.

At the beginning of the week, the famous venture capitalist, Tim Draper doubled his forecast that Bitcoin (BTC) will hit $ 250,000 per coin in 2023. “That is my prediction. Stick with it. I am very confident that this will happen,” said Draper when he pressed the subject. He believes that global mass adoption will drive Bitcoin’s price into the stratosphere.

This is well suited to the ideas that the cryptanalyst shares. Mati Greenspan, who found that Bitcoin’s correlation with the SP 500 is currently at its all-time high.. However, Greenspan noted that “nothing has appeared that says crypto will be our savior,” and also noted that Bitcoin is still considered a risky good.

Summary of the Virtual Blockchain WeekSummary of the Virtual Blockchain Week

With a more technical approach, the CEO of GIVE NationAlyze Sam explained why stablecoins are the “gateway to decentralization” for companies like Facebook and JP Morgan. He believes that large companies that introduce stablecoins will ultimately lead to acceptance of Bitcoin and other blockchain assets.

In the meantime Caitlin Long, the founder of Avanti, the first crypto bank, strives for more transparency in the entire industry. She said that “there is really very little disclosure of the level of debt that the various exchanges and custodians have provided.” Long is somewhat optimistic about Bitcoin and believes it is a safe haven.

Roger See, Advocate of Bitcoin Cash and CEO of, used its platform at Virtual Blockchain Week to call for an immediate end to corona virus quarantine. “It is absolutely not only related to economic freedom, but also to personal freedom in general.” Ver said. He defined economic freedom as “a measure of how easy it is for members of a society to participate in the economy”.

Vesa Kivinen, the creator of Art For Crypto, firmly believes that crypto art is as valuable as any digital good. He found that “digital art has many similarities to, for example, early Bitcoin.” All of Kivinen’s art is sold at a fixed price of 1 BTC each, and he believes that the value of each painting “has the potential to become parabolic”.

Changpeng Zhao, the founder and CEO of Binance, the popular cryptocurrency exchange, argued that the introduction of cryptocurrencies could be driven by stable coins and charities. “This type of adoption is a positive first contact for many people,” he said. Regarding Binance’s rapidly growing space power, Zhao scoffed at the idea that his exchange was getting too big. “We are quite big, but the reason why we are growing is not that we are abusing monopoly power,” he said, adding, “Competition is very tough.”

Charlie Shrem, Founder of Bitinstant, the first Bitcoin for Cash platform, He underlined his optimism about the upcoming halving of the Bitcoin block, but points out that he doesn’t see a recovery in the short term like 2017.. “It seems that the price did not immediately double due to the last halving,” said Shrem, explaining that the price did not rise until “one and a half years later”. Charlie also brought us up to date on a mysterious letter he received in 2014, stressing that “this letter was strange and rare”.

Justin Sun., the often controversial founder of Tron, told us about his version of the latest hard fork from Steem / Hive. He described his role at Steemit Inc as a “partnership” rather than an acquisitionwhile still noticing that “Steemit Inc definitely has some impact on the Steem blockchain”.

At the end of the conference, an AK-47 will be branded by John McAfeediscussed a variety of topics, from UFOs to illegal taxes. McAfee is an eccentric cryptocurrency advocate best known for the anti-virus software that bears his name. He openly admitted it You are 99% certain that you know the identity of the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. Although he claims he promised not to let the name drop from his lips, he praised the author of the white paper and described him as a “very smart **** son”.

The renowned author gave the closing speech of the event. Don Tapscottwho believes that blockchain has enabled trust between people for the first time in history. His bullish stance included belief in it Blockchain is a fundamental part of the “second digital age”. Tapscott completed the remaining challenges for our emerging industry and said, “Just because it’s decentralized doesn’t mean it needs to be disorganized.”

Thank you to everyone who joined us! If you missed it, you can see many of the panels on Youtube through our partners in the Bad Crypto Podcast.

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