Successful people do these 14 “ridiculous” things every day

The opinions of the employees of s You are personal.

To have contact with many successful people It can give you a good insight into what makes them work, who they really are, and more importantly, what makes them so productive.

Successful people do these 14 “ridiculous” things every day
Successful people do these 14 “ridiculous” things every day

Kevin Kruse is one of those people. He recently interviewed 200 highly successful people, including seven billionaires, 13 Olympic athletes and s made. Most of his information came from his answers to a simple question:

“What is your most important secret to achieve productivity?”

Kruse analyzed the answers and found some fascinating suggestions. Here are some of my favorites.

1. Focus on minutes, not hours

Most people make mental blocks of 30 minutes and an hour. Really successful people know that a day is 1,440 minutes long and that nothing is more valuable than time. Money is lost and earned, but lost time cannot be claimed. Legendary Olympic gymnast Shannon Miller said: “I still have an agenda that she plans minute by minute today.” You have to conquer your time to manage your life well.

2. You focus on one thing at a time

Ultra-productive people know what their “most important job” is and work on it for two or three hours a day without a break. Which task has the greatest impact on your goals? What successes will help you achieve what you want? These are the tasks that you should spend time on.

3. You have no task lists

Throw yours To do lists, better plan everything on your calendar. It turns out that 41% of the things listed in your task are never done. If you have so many things to do, only stress and insomnia will arise due to the Zeigarnik effect. This essentially means that all things you don’t do stay in your head until you’ve done them. Productive people plan everything and live and die under this planning.

4. Defeat the deferral by traveling through time

You cannot trust your future self because you do not know what will happen and because we are inconsistent. We buy vegetables because we believe that we will eat salads all week to throw away the food we have never used. Successful people know that they have to do things in the present to force their future self to do what is necessary. Think about how you can sabotage yourself in the future and find a solution to beat yourself.

5. You will have dinner at home

Kevin heard this Andy Grove key from Intel: “There is always something more to do, more work to do.” Successful people know what the value of life is. There is no right answer, but for many, this value includes family, exercise, charity, and so on. They know how to fit their 1,440 minutes a day into what they value the most (and they write it on their calendars) and stick to that schedule.

6. You are using a notebook

Richard Branson He has said repeatedly that he couldn’t have built the Virgin Group if he hadn’t always picked up a notebook. On the other hand, the Greek magnate Aristotle Onassis said: “Always carry a notebook with you. Write everything down. That’s a million dollar lesson they won’t teach you at business school. “Ultra-productive people free their minds by writing everything down.

7. They only check their emails a few times a day

Successful people don’t check their inbox every two minutes. They also don’t respond to every vibration or noise on your phone. Instead, like everything else, they set fixed times to process your emails quickly and efficiently.

8. Avoid joint at all costs

When Kevin asked Mark Cuban What was his best productivity tip, the businessman quickly replied, “Never go to meetings unless someone is going to write a check.” Joints can be the worst productivity killer. They start late, they don’t have the right people, they lose sense of what needs to be talked about, and they spread. You should avoid having too many joints, and if you need to handle one, make sure it’s short and to the point.

9. They say “no” to almost everything

The billionaire Warren Buffett He once said: “The difference between successful and very successful people is that the latter know when to say ‘no’.” And James Altucher gave Kevin this advice: “If something is not ‘Sure it is!’ It is a ‘no’. ” Remember you only have 1,440 minutes a day. Don’t waste it.

10. You follow rule 80/20

This rule, known as the Pareto principle, states that 80% of the results come from only 20% of the activities. Ultra-productive people know how to recognize and focus on what actions lead to results.

11. You delegate everything

These people are not wondering how to take care of an earring, but how to remove it. They know how to tell when other people can do things, and they have no problem giving up control, AND of course they are not micromanagers.

12. You only touch things once

How many times have you opened an envelope that comes to your home – such as accounts payable – and then left it on the table until you take it back? How often do you see an email and ignore it in your inbox for later processing? Successful people only touch things once. If it is something that takes less than 10 minutes, take care of it immediately. This reduces stress as they have no tag around their heads. It is also an efficient method, as it means that you don’t have to waste time doing the job.

13. Have a consistent morning routine

Kevin’s biggest surprise when interviewing more than 200 successful people was that most of them wanted to share their morning activities. I’ve heard a lot of habits, but in general most of these people take good care of their bodies with a good breakfast and plenty of water, while their mind is strengthened through meditation or prayer, reading or reading the newspaper.

14. Energy is everything

You can no longer do hours every day, but you can increase your energy, attention and productivity. Full people don’t stop eating, sleeping, taking breaks or having fun. They see food as fuel, sleep as relaxation and breaks as moments of charging energy to do more.

These secrets can help you manage your workload when you feel overwhelmed and saturated with slopes.

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