Welcome! What? It is the ‘onboarding’ and why é successful companies have it

We present 5 trends of induction processes for new employees.

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 Welcome! What? It is the ‘onboarding’ and why é successful companies have it
Welcome! What? It is the ‘onboarding’ and why é successful companies have it

Onboarding or induction process are initiatives of organizations to ensure proper integration of newcomers to the organization. According to Salvador Ibáñez, country manager of, “the objectives are to make it easier for the new employee to feel comfortable in his landing at the company and ensure that he acquires the necessary skills for his job, but above all that it is properly integrated into the culture of the organization”. Thus, “it is more than a simple welcome, than the one-day event, rather than preparing a contract, a computer, giving business gifts or assigning mandatory courses.

Top Employers Institute shares five trends that Top Employers companies share:

First trend

The onboarding process is no longer an isolated event of a maximum of 2 or 3 days after the incorporation of the new talent. Now it must consist of a process that begins even before hiring, during the process of attracting talent, and which lasts up to twelve months after joining the organization.

Second trend

The induction process must be multidimensional, thus covering three vital areas: the context of the business, the integration into the culture and specific aspects of the position. In short, who we are, how we do it and what is expected of us.

Third trend

The top management of the company and the management have a key role in inspiring new employees from the start and helping them understand the overall purpose of the organization.

Fourth Trend

Onboarding lives a digital transformation. Technology is assuming a central role in the development and measurement of onboarding , and provides data for better monitoring of process improvements. With the incorporation of technology into the onboarding process, training needs can be identified, a learning plan can be created and specific elearning modules can be implemented, as well as helping employees connect, commit and share.

Fifth trend

The use of analytics and big data in onboarding is also a clear trend. Analytics are increasingly used to measure the impact and effectiveness of the process. Companies use them to evaluate the first impression of employees or their experience with this whole process and for predictive analysis.

As owners and directors of companies, our obligation is to make our teams have the right tools and clear processes to work day by day. This does not mean that we should know about all the trends, but perhaps it would be good to ask your HR team if they are already doing something about it to have the best possible boarding process. Surely your new key elements will thank you.

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