Sturgeon warns that it would be “totally scandalous” for London to prevent a new independence referendum

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon warned this Sunday that it would be “totally scandalous” for the British government to veto a new independence referendum following last Thursday’s elections, in which the independence movement increased its majority in the Scottish Parliament.

“The people of Scotland voted for the SNP (Scottish National Party) for their proposal that there should be an independence referendum in due course,” Sturgeon said in a statement to the BBC.

“As in 2011, when it came to (the referendum) of 2014, any UK government that has some level of respect for Scottish democracy would just accept this and reach an agreement with the Scottish government that makes it beyond doubt “argued.

Sturgeon warns that it would be “totally scandalous” for London to prevent a new independence referendum
Sturgeon warns that it would be “totally scandalous” for London to prevent a new independence referendum

The SNP (64 seats) and Los Verdes (8 seats) add up to 72 of the 129 seats in Holyrood Parliament, three more than in the previous term. For Sturgeon it would therefore be “absurd and totally scandalous” if London were to go to court to prevent a vote.

“If we land in court, which they wouldn’t want, it would mean a Conservative government refusing to respect the democratic aspirations of the Scottish people and the outcome of democratic elections to try and go to the Supreme Court and the overthrow Scottish democracy. ” ” he added.

Hence, Sturgeon has proposed that the new Scottish Parliament decide on the exact date of the referendum, despite reiterating that he expects it to take place in the first two years of the legislature.

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson’s “number two” administration Michael Gove has argued that this referendum “is not a priority at the moment” despite having insisted that “of course” Scotland could leave the UK if it did will be decided in a legal referendum.

Gove was interviewed on Sky News and asked if they would challenge a referendum bill in court. “We’re not even in this moment. We’re focused on recovery,” he argued.

In particular, Gove recalled that Sturgeon “recognized in the electoral debate that the Scottish government had made some mistakes”. “In particular, he said they had lost perspective when it came to the dire problem of drug deaths,” he said.

“Our responsibility is that no one from Holyrood gets out of perspective (…), not even because of the delays caused in the public service during the pandemic,” he argued.

The SNP’s electoral manifesto includes the first passage of a law to hold a new referendum after the pandemic ends, and subsequent pressure on the Prime Minister to activate Section 30 of the Scottish Act of 1998, which would allow for consultation.

In the consultation of 2014, with a participation of almost 85 percent, the No was imposed with 55 percent, although the Scottish independence movement attributed this result to the campaign of fear of leaving the EU, which ultimately also occurred during Brexit.

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