Studies Show Effectiveness of Several Alternative Therapies

Studies Show Effectiveness of Several Alternative Therapies

From ancient times until today, music has had a great influence on our body (sound healing), being used for ritual or therapeutic purposes.

It is believed that the Egyptians were the first to register in their papyri the use of sound frequencies to heal the body, calm the mind and purify the soul.

Precisely this is the study carried out by music therapy or healing sounds, the discipline that uses sound, rhythm, melody and harmony for physical and emotional health purposes.

Studies Show Effectiveness of Several Alternative Therapies
Studies Show Effectiveness of Several Alternative Therapies
Studies Show Effectiveness of Several Alternative Therapies
Studies Show Effectiveness of Several Alternative Therapies

In this sense, a recent study by psychologists from McGill University, Canada, analyzed 400 previous scientific reports and identified four medical areas in which music can have a positive impact: reward, motivation and pleasure; the reduction of anxiety and stress; the strengthening of the immune system; and the facilitation of the construction of affective bonds.

Our body is naturally linked to music, since our voice is primarily a vibratory frequency, as is the entire environment around us. In addition, more than 60% of our body is made up of water, and liquids are prone to react to sound waves, so we have a particular receptive quality to all external and internal vibrations.

Based on this, there are techniques to keep the body and mind in balance that include therapies such as sound touch, a sound therapy system that is based on about 50 musical motifs that act on a specific aspect of our lives.

Every day the frequencies that surround us directly influence us, affecting our emotional state and our health. The frequency of sound is the number of times the air vibrates that transmits that sound in a second. The Hertz is the unit most commonly used to measure that vibrational frequency. The higher the frequency, the sharper the sound, and the lower the frequency, the deeper the sound.

But what matters is that, by acting on our body, each frequency will have different effects:

  • 285Hz: promotes the healing of cells and tissues.
  • 337Hz: stabilizes blood circulation.
  • 396Hz: helps to combat thoughts or feelings such as fear or guilt.
  • 528Hz: can contribute to DNA regeneration.
  • 625Hz: affects the functioning of the liver.
  • 639Hz: strengthens self-esteem and bonding with others.
  • 741Hz: cleans and detoxifies cells.
  • 764Hz: regulates the nervous system.
  • 852Hz: favors intuition.
  • 963Hz: activates the pineal gland, which acts regulating the activities of the organism related to the day and night.

It is for these qualities that sound meditation, singing, bowl therapy and other treatments are based on sound as a way of working on the body and promote its state of well-being and balance.

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