Student at the Faculty of Engineering in Mexico wins the Santander grant for disruptive technologies such as blockchain

Disruptive technologies are on the agenda and therefore require more and more training for professionals who are dedicated to the innovation and development of these technologiesFor this reason, programs such as Santander offer online grants from MIT for vocational training in various areas.

On this occasion the student Eduardo Trueba Sánchez has the opportunity to start the online course on leadership in digital transformation with the scholarship. The beneficiary is a student of the 9th semester for systems engineering and information technologies.

The programs offered by MIT have an e-learning methodology that enables the participant to be the central axis of the course. Didactic methods are used to develop future business professionals who are able to lead creative competencies and to view technical excellence as a bastion for students. the moderators.

Student at the Faculty of Engineering in Mexico wins the Santander grant for disruptive technologies such as blockchain
Student at the Faculty of Engineering in Mexico wins the Santander grant for disruptive technologies such as blockchain

The program covers topics such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, cyber security and the Internet of Things. The interesting thing about these types of programs is the incentives. The program offers the opportunity to continue with another phase of the scholarship to take a new course where you can choose the topic of your interest between technological disruptions, the cloud and developers. The transformation continues or the version of machine learning technology in decision making.

The fellowship program sponsored by the Santander Group spans a geographic spectrum spanning countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom, the United States and Uruguay. In the first phase of the program, outstanding young people in these countries will be offered at least 2,500 grants.

After this phase, the second phase of the program provides for 300 out of 2,500 people to be selected to complete an open 8-week MIT vocational training program in the blockchain categories: technological disruption; Blockchain: disruptive technology; Cloud DevOps: Continuous Transformation; Cloud DevOps: continuous transformation; Machine learning: technology in decision making; Machine learning: from data to decisions.

Participants who have successfully completed this program and meet the required requirements will receive a digital certificate from MIT Professional Education.

Furthermore, Scholarship holders can enter the selection process for internships or jobs at Banco Santander and have the opportunity to become employees.

The main goal of MIT is to stimulate academic study in a rigorous manner, with the intellectual stimulus of the participants first, to prepare the participants for solving major problems. This type of methodology aims to help the beneficiary learn to work collaboratively to develop the group intellect and improve conflict resolution in real life.

Latin America continues to lead in disruptive technologies. Blockchain, crypto and fintech investments are becoming increasingly common. Professional capacity is also being significantly expanded in the region.

The Industrial Revolution 4.0 is the main source of interest in this generation of the 21st century, and that means industrializing and automating human needs for entertainment and production are part of the process we are experiencing. The covid-19 has given this industry a bigger boost than expected. From now on, more disruptive technologies will take over all living standards.

From devices that control temperature in public places to decentralized virus behavior, both blockchain and IoT play a leading role today, so it’s vital that today’s young people play an increasingly important role best prepared in this industry.

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