Stuck at home? These tools will help you start that project you have dreamed of so much

Use these difficult times as inspiration, and if you can, as an opportunity to build something.

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The spread of COVID-19 , or coronavirus , has dominated our lives since it was declared a pandemic by the WHO, and different measures have been put in place to contain it, causing markets to collapse internationally. We have all been asked to maintain social distancing to help decrease the contagion curve, which implies moving away from work, family and friends. Every aspect of our lives has been disrupted in unimaginable ways.

Stuck at home? These  tools will help you start that project you have dreamed of so much
Stuck at home? These tools will help you start that project you have dreamed of so much

If you are healthy and you have free time on your hands, and you are trying to decide what to do while you are locked up at home for the next few days, this may be your opportunity to build that website, write that book or start that business in which you've been thinking for so long. This can put you on the path to achieving a dream.

has resources for all kinds of startups, but here are five ideas to get your mind started.

1. Start your own business

If you need a business idea , we have many . But if you already have one, you may just need to figure out how to make it happen. Our popular step-by-step Your Business Plan guide can help you with the basics, starting with self-assessment, market research, and feedback.

In our Business Plan section you will also find strategies to make your first hiring, find a space for your office and sell your product or service.

2. Start your own franchise

Our special edition of 500 Franchises takes more than 10 years and in it you will always find the opportunities that exist in the franchise sector by price range, industry and many other categories to find the best option for you. In addition, we have the search engine where you can make inquiries by investment amount, money order, location and more.

Of course, in our Franchise section you will find hundreds of management and financing ideas to enter this business sector.

In the face of the coronavirus outbreak, our publisher G21 Comunicación released all our magazines so that you can read them in the comfort of your home. Completely free! You only need to enter Mag21 and register.

3. Write a book

Whether you want to share your knowledge and ideas, position yourself as an expert or a speaker, or simply create a source of passive income, writing a book can be a good investment of your time. Everyone has a story, but a blank page can intimidate anyone. So how do you get past it to go from aspiring writer to published writer? Our Special: How to Write a Book (and Really Finish It) in 5 Steps has hundreds of tips, not only from the .com team, but from super successful authors like George RR Martin and Stephen King . Here are writing and editing tips, but also positive words that can help you get ahead when you hate that second draft and feel like throwing in the towel.

4. Generate more passive income

Eventually life will return to normal. We will return to work and office once the crisis is over, and if you want a source of income to help supplement your salary, you can use this time to establish sources of passive income. Our expert collaborators offer various ideas to generate extra money to strengthen your finances:

And in our Finance section we have hundreds of savings, investment and planning strategies to protect your portfolio.

5. Build a website or app

You may think that if you do not know how to program you cannot make a website or an app, but that is not true, in fact, many entrepreneurs prefer to delegate these tasks to specialists, but in How to create a web page in 20 minutes: Complete guide For beginners it can help you clear up some of these confusions so you can get to work. Then you can review With this guide you will learn how to make an app even if you do not know how to program to develop an application that stands out in the saturated market in which we live.

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