Strategies to motivate your staff

Discover how to keep your staff satisfied, avoid turnover and retain the best collaborators in your company.

The internal audience of your SME is very important, so a part of your business plan should be focused on how to keep it satisfied and avoid rotation, in addition to motivating, developing and retaining the best.

That is why we present below some of the strategies you should know:

Strategies to motivate your staff
Strategies to motivate your staff

1. Create a free environment, where communication flows

For this you must establish a schedule of periodic meetings in which all workers share their problems, experiences and knowledge.

2. Encourage participation in decision-making

This has to do with aspects related to their work and topics for which they are trained.

3. Establish mechanisms for direct participation

This way they will give you suggestions, opinions and will contribute to improving the management and development of ideas.

4. Evaluate performance

Try to congratulate the worker when he performs good management or explain what corrective measures he should take when the objectives are not reached.

5. Do job rotation programs

In this way, the worker will become familiar with other areas of the company and guide their professional and personal development within it.

6. Encourage workers to participate

It develops activities that complement professional and personal development in courses and workshops.

7. Try that the hours do not last eight hours

If necessary, give one day off and pay overtime.

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