Stocken Capital launched a platform that uses blockchain for corporate governance and finance

In Spain, Stocken Capital is an initiative to enable the digitalization of company shares through a tokenization process and thus blockchain technology. Cointelegraph in Spanish spoke to Carlos Callejo, who heads the technical side of the project, for more details.

“”The platform facilitates the telematic management with guarantees and full legal validity. It is a comprehensive technical and legal solution for the digitization of companies, which enables an individual company-internal platform with which the convening of the general meeting, the telematics voting, the administration of the partner register, the distribution of dividends or the sale of participations can be managed Callejo stressed.

“”Participations are tokenized via a public blockchain. This technology enables the digitalization of participation by enabling mechanisms to exercise the political and economic rights of the legal status of the partner, thereby creating a reliable, traceable, agile and secure register for all parties involved, ”he added later.

Stocken Capital launched a platform that uses blockchain for corporate governance and finance
Stocken Capital launched a platform that uses blockchain for corporate governance and finance

When asked about further details of the operation, he said: “The digital company’s partner has the ability to access real-time management of its relationship with the company it owns from any device. The advantages of digitizing the company through Stocken Capital are many: reducing costs, shortening the time to carry out procedures, reducing company conflicts and trade disputes, proof of executed transactions and improving communication between the company and its partners. But heThe main advantage of this platform is that it is an important liquidity mechanism both for a company that wants to raise funds and for a partner that wants to cancel its position in a particular company. “

It should be noted that this project was created by a multidisciplinary team led by lawyer and academic Rafael del Castillo Ionov in his area of ​​law. The technical area of ​​the project is managed by Carlos Callejo, while the business development is in the hands of Víctor Callejo. Both are managers of the technology consultancy Block Impulse, which specializes in blockchain technology in connection with the business environment.

Company search

Carlos Callejo also made it clear that this project is looking for companies that want to join its platform. “The companies will have their own website, their own administration panel and the opportunity to gain new partners who are registered in the project. Everything digital and automated, ”he said.

About Block Impulse

In 2019, Carlos Callejo was interviewed by Cointelegraph in Spanish. On this occasion he told what Block Impulse is doing. He did it like this:

“From Block Impulse, we offer consulting, training and development for companies or companies with blockchain technology. We are in Spain, but like this technology, we are open to any occasion where it makes sense to land this technology. We are currently in projects in Spain, Latin America and Europe. (…) There are many industries in blockchain that you have to deal with. Block Impulse focuses on what we are good at, all types of traceability with our own app, training with a master in blockchain and STO projects where we touch the whole process. (…) We receive projects that we analyze and develop from the start depending on the time. “

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