Steve Wozniak on trial: Apple co-founder faces intellectual property and copyright theft lawsuit

Professor of Economics in Connecticut, Ralph reilly, submitted a demand against Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founderand accused him Intellectual property theft and Copyright Infringement. As compensation, the plaintiff demands payment of A million dollarsso the case will go to court June 7th.

According to documents released by the Business Insider portal, Reilly reiterates that he shared the idea of ​​creating the Wosniak “Woz School of Technology” in September 2010 by email. His mission would be to teach adults about computer science and other technical knowledge, drawing on Wozniak’s reputation and experience in the technological world.

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Steve Wozniak on trial: Apple co-founder faces intellectual property and copyright theft lawsuit
Steve Wozniak on trial: Apple co-founder faces intellectual property and copyright theft lawsuit

Shortly thereafter, in 2011, the Reilly presented Wozniak with a contract that gave the university the right to use his name and image for the tech school in exchange for quarterly payments. According to the lawsuit, the philanthropist also signed the document.

Wozniak and his team distanced themselves from the project. In 2013, however, Reilly launched a mockup of the website “Woz School of Technology”, but Ken hardness, Wozniak managing directordemanded that he pull it back and stop communicating directly with the legendary programmer. Eventually Reilly got the Copyright protection for this website which is now the center of the complaint.

And it all ended in demand …

Although the project with Reilly did not start in 2017 Wozniac started an educational platform under the name of “What for”in cooperation with the company Coder camps, focused on learning codes.

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After learning Reilly emailed Wozniak to apply to be part of the company as Co-ownerrefer to the court documents.

“This is exactly what I had in mind for the Woz Institute of Technology when I came up with the idea.”Reilly wrote in the letter.

“You are right. You had the right idea”Wozniak answered. “I doubt it would have happened without your original idea!”added.

Though that he Apple co-founder He admitted that the idea came from the professor, he received no confirmation that he would give him partial ownership of the project. Was when Reilly decided to sue Wozniak accuses him alleged breach of contract, Intellectual property theft and Copyright Infringement. Only the last two succeeded, while the first and others were dismissed by a judge.

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The same media shared a Contract image presented in court documents where you can see what appears to be Wozniak’s signature. In his statement the former partner of Steve Jobs he asserts that he does not remember signing the document, but he does not deny that it is his signature.

Meanwhile it is Wozniak team claims the couple never reached a real agreement on that “Woz School of Technology”. Part of his defense is that the tech entrepreneur doesn’t intervene in his own business and leave contract negotiations to other members of his team.

Steve Wosniak comments

The next June 7th will start the process to see if Steve Wosniak is guilty or not of copyright infringement and property theft.

The Apple co-founder should take the stand on Arizona District Court As a witness and days later, the jury will decide whether the Professor Ralph Reilly the millions of dollars he’s asking for damages.

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