Steren opens job offers for former Best Buy employees

At the end of November, the Best Buy company announced that it would close all branches in the country on December 31st due to the consequences of the pandemic.

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Steren opens job offers for former Best Buy employees
Steren opens job offers for former Best Buy employees

In order to mitigate the problem of thousands of lost jobs For the departure of Best Buy from Mexico, Steren sympathizes with the US chain, so he revealed the creation of Strategic alliances to support all workers harmed by the company’s closure with new job vacancies.

By an explanation Steren announced that former Best Buy employees will be able to submit their résumés to the company for recruitment. This is stated in the document It will never be good news for a company to close its doors as it not only loses investors but also the families who depend on the direct and indirect jobs associated with doing business.

“In light of the sad news that Best Buy recently announced with the closure of its stores in the Mexican market, we would like to inform you that talks between executives are taking place to create strategic alliances that will enable their employees to get to the right end of the Year to join our team plant closure, “Steren said in the statement.

That’s what this is for Mexican electronics company bought some emails for prospects to send theirs continue: with a copy to to inquire Options available.

“We believe it is necessary to continue this as Mexicans. That makes us proud and has allowed us to progress in the most difficult moments promote unity, support one another, and help those who believed in Mexico and its talentHe added in the statement.

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