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Stellar invests in SatoshiPay’s cross-border B2B solution

May 28, 2020

The Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) has invested an additional USD 550,000, paid in XLM, on the SatoshiPay instant payment platform, based in Berlin.

SDF’s third investment in SatoshiPay brings the Business Fund’s investments for the year to a total of $ 6.3 million.


SatoshiPay processed over EUR 650,000 from over 200,000 accountsand his Solar wallet was downloaded by 25,000 users from 40 countries.

Stellar invests in SatoshiPay’s cross-border B2B solutionStellar invests in SatoshiPay’s cross-border B2B solution

The last investment will contribute to growth the new SatoshiPay product, as enables companies to make cross-border B2B paymentsDiversification of the original micropayment solution for online content producers.

“As one of the first Stellar companies SatoshiPay has shown how this technology enables innovation and uses the network to create a growth platform for instant global payments. “said SDF CEO and Executive Director Denelle Dixon.

“His use cases speak of scalability, sustainability and growth opportunities for companies that build online. We are proud to support their growth with this investment. “

A growing mutual fund

Founded in 2014, the same year as SatoshiPay, The SDF continued to show support For them, SatoshiPay CEO Meinhard Benn explains:

“Our growth over the years would not have been possible without the SDF, which was a key partner in the development of our technology, which continues this investment to this day.”

SDF investments this year included other new fintech companies;; $ 5 million was invested in the Abra cryptocurrency wallet and exchange platform and $ 715,000 in the SDTOQ limitless investment platform.