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Stefan Molyneux receives crypto donations of up to $ 100,000 after closing his YouTube channel

July 1, 2020

Online supporters donated approximately $ 100,000 in cryptocurrencies the white supremacist and extreme right-wing activist Stefan Molyneux after being removed from YouTube for “fueling violence and hatred”.

After Molyneux Post a video to your Twitter account on June 29, claiming that YouTube had banned him from accessing the platform, published a donation request on his website. The picture on the far right contains a list of the addresses Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ether (ETH), Dash (DASH), Skycoin (SKY), Dogecoin (DOGE) and Monero (XMR).

At the time of this writing, followers had sent 433 BCH, dozens of small Bitcoin transactions of 0.001 BTC or less, three small ETH donations totaling approximately $ 10, 0.3 DASH, no Skycoin, and no DOGE. Total, The white supremacist has received about $ 100,000 in cryptocurrencies since June 29.

Stefan Molyneux receives crypto donations of up to $ 100,000 after closing his YouTube channelStefan Molyneux receives crypto donations of up to $ 100,000 after closing his YouTube channel

Molyneux made one petition Similar cryptocurrency donations to its followers via social media in January, when YouTube canceled its channel’s YouTube affiliate program. This action prevented him from making money on the platform.

“We have strict guidelines that prohibit hate speech on YouTube, and we will remove any channel that repeatedly or seriously violates these guidelines,” a platform spokesman told CNN in response to the censorship, saying that Molyneux’s cancellation was part of the move including an update to “better address supremacist content” that promotes this type of discourse.

He Southern Poverty Law Center o SPLC (an advanced non-governmental civil rights organization) describes Molyneux as “an experienced propagandist and effective communicator in the racist ranks of the extreme right and pro-trumps” who promotes scientific racism and eugenics. At the time of publication, her Facebook and Instagram pages were still active, but her PayPal account was closed in November.

Not all neo-Nazis receive money

In June, YouTube removed six prominent right-wing extremists who promoted hate speech and violence. on your platform. Molyneux includes Richard Spencer, the American Renaissance organization, former KKK leader David Duke and others. Richard Spencer is the white nationalist who is known for calling BTC the “extreme right currency”.

The SPLC is currently tracking the identified Bitcoin wallets that can be used to donate neo-Nazis such as Molyneux. Spencer’s addresses have only received 0.88920026 BTC – about $ 8,135 at press time – but none of the donations were made after her channel was canceled yesterday. The only known address for the organization “American Renaissance” shows no donation.

The center says hate group leaders and other influential extremists prefer crypto donations because “no company or government” can intervene to prevent money from flowing to unreliable purposes.

Some groups like the SPLC have at least tried to track the money going to white Supremacists.

Cointelegraph reported that after the far-right demonstration and the Charlottesville murder a Twitter bot called NeonaziWallets He had provided updates every time a BTC transaction was released in known wallets controlled by neo-Nazis.