Steem or Bitcoin: Which is the Better Investment?


As of moments ago, Bitcoin was as $19,441 and Steem was at $2.23 per token.

If you believe that there’s a cryptobubble ready for bursting, you’d probably want to bail now and sleep like a baby.

Steem or Bitcoin: Which is the Better Investment?
Steem or Bitcoin: Which is the Better Investment?

But if you think that the cryptospace has a bright future as a whole since *it is still in its infancy*, at some point you need to think about *which* cryptos have the best chances of appreciating in the years ahead.

@taskmaster4450 is very bullish about the price of Steem and is projecting $100 Steem by the end of 2018. He’s recently posted a 7-part series (“Convergence”) laying out why he is so pumped about Steem’s future. I’d suggest that you read them all, starting with the first in the series.

@stephenkendal may be even more bullish. In one of his posts (which I have not been able to track down, so this is from memory), he projected $1,400 Steem but I don’t think he mentioned a timeframe. After Steemit supplanted FaceBook or something along those lines.

And @haejin is bullish on many cryptos. Check out his posts for some remarkablepredictions, like BTS at $342 within a few years (it’s now at $0.44).

I have no clue if any of these predictions will come to pass. My Magic 8 Ball was damaged in a freak accident involving a duck and too much Pinot Grigio. The damn thing is stuck on *Concentrate and ask again.*

But if we consider that Bitcoin is at $19,441 and Steem is at $2.23 right now, a question that we might ask ourselves to determine where we might want to invest is *Which is most likely to happen first, Bitcoin at $194,410 or Steem at $22.30?*

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