Steem Doller Must Worth $1

Steemit is a blogging and social networking website on top of the Steem blockchain database. The Steem blockchain produces Steem Dollars which are tradeable tokensusers obtain for posting, discovering, and commenting on interestingcontent on syeemit.

Price Of Steem Doller

Today the Price of steem doller is more then $9.61 and every steemian i happy about that.

Steem Doller Circulation.

Steem Dollars price for today is $9.61. It has a current circulating supply of 4.74 Million coins and a total volume exchanged of $9,470,576

Steem Doller Must Worth $1
Steem Doller Must Worth $1

last time when i checked the circulation of the steem doller it was nearly 4.25 Million and now it is 4.74 million.

Nearly one month ago the circulation of the steem doller is nearly 3.9 Million.

so the circulation of the SBD is increasing and due to this reason the rate of the SBD is not increasing and it,s start falling.

Steem Doller Must Worth $1.

we can earn more then our imaginations. But what if the price of the SBD decreases again to $1 because the SBD is a token that is meant to be worth about $1 USD, making its value much more stable compared to STEEM.

To be a bit more technical, a Steem Dollar is a promise to pay one dollars worth of Steem when it’s redeemed.

The benefit of Steem Dollars is that business can accept them more comfortably since they have a more stable value.

To try to keep the SD around the $1 mark, Steemit’s Witnesses can change the interest rate paid (quarterly) for holding them in your wallet. Lately this interest rate has been 0% with the SBD price being higher than desired. When it gets near or under the value of $1 USD, we will start seeing the interest rate increase. to read more about that you can check this link.

Everyone in this platform earning there living and when it will become $1 again then it will be tough again to earn from this platform.

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