Steem Cracks through our last big High ! now $3.14

Steem is currently at a price of $3.14 and still climbing up.

Steem Backed Dollars (SBD) is currently at $13.39

Exchange all your sbd for steem in the steemmarket and secure 4-5x profit of your posts.

Steem Cracks through our last big High ! now $3.14
Steem Cracks through our last big High ! now $3.14

I have seen so many naw sayers that have said steem was a dead coin. I have seen the potential here from the beginning and I still believe we have seen nothing yet. 2018 will bring so much more rewards in for users. SMT Smart Media Tokens have huge plans for Steem in general and I believe the team behind the steemit platform has great motivation and spirt for getting this place out of beta and when that happens steem and steemit are gonna explode upward.

Despite was some believe (some very viciously’ oddly enough) I think steem is the best altcoin to invest in. It can be earned without any initial investment other than a little of your time and mind to create some content. There are more steemtransactions happening daily than any other coin including bitcoin and its a strong strong possiblity that as the SMT gets adopted by more content provider sites Steem will be in the top 3 cryptos.

Best luck to all.. exciting to see it break through out last big high


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