Stay focused when you feel like giving up

What is the real obstacle that we all face as entrepreneurs? Overcome fear.

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What is the real obstacle that we all face as entrepreneurs ? Overcome fear . Keep faith. Don't throw in the towel when things get complicated. s or not, life tests us.

Stay focused when you feel like giving up
Stay focused when you feel like giving up

Every day we get challenges in the form of things that are not going as planned, and that's just the lesson, you can plan whatever you want, but you really can't plan anything.

Sometimes not having a plan is the best plan, and chasing that crazy idea can take you further than you ever imagined.

Take Satya Twena , whom I had the great pleasure of interviewing for my LeadersCreateLeaders video series, as an example. She came to New York without money, without a job, without a house and without the slightest idea of ​​what she was going to do. For most, this is the worst possible nightmare. But for those of us who love challenges, and I really hope you like challenges if you are on the road to entrepreneurship, because there will be too many… it is an adventure. Satya is now a super successful young entrepreneur operating the only hat factory in New York City, keeping the art of making them alive. The Wall Street Journal has spoken of her and her designs have been used by everyone, from Oprah to Usher. She had no idea that she would end up doing this … She just did.

It all starts with your thoughts

The key is not to let your thoughts interrupt the path you want to go. The key is to stay so motivated that nothing can throw you, not even the prospect of failure.

We all face failure at some point. We can also see our faces with tiredness, confusion, with things that do not go as we think and with many moments when stopping looks tempting. However, if there is a muscle that we definitely need to strengthen, no matter who you are or what you are doing, it is faith in yourself.

The thing is, if you don't believe in yourself, it's not even worth starting. You can receive recognition from the whole world, but you are not living for others, so that will create false trust. Your security must come from self-confidence, from your ability to follow your instincts and to decide when necessary.

For those of us who are interested in living legendary lives and leaving the ordinary behind, the goal is very high: to remain committed to our vision when everything is against us.

Satya is a great example of this. Her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, a heartbreaking experience because it is just at those times when we realize how valuable life is. It is not to be wasted worrying about things that have not yet happened and that may never happen. That's the question … we tend to spend more time worrying than worrying. This doesn't get you anywhere … and it puts you in the wrong direction on top because you're just tempting the water.

If you really want the life of your dreams you need to be willing to continue swimming. Keeping your head afloat is easy when you are determined to do it, but for moments of doubt here are some tricks that will return you to what is really important:

Recognize how far you've come

I live in New York. That is already the dream of many. I owe it to anyone who has dreamed of living here to get the most out of it. And I owe it to myself to make my mark while I'm here, and on the planet. What are you doing if you are not living to the fullest? I will let you answer that. Reflect, acknowledge what you have accomplished. Use that as inspiration to keep moving forward. You have already overcome difficulties before, you can do it again.

Be thankful

Complaining is common. “It's hard”. “I do not want”. “I'm tired”. Although I'm totally in favor of you listening to your needs and taking care of yourself, sometimes we have to jump the fence one foot at a time and be thankful that we have legs. We have too many excuses. Ninety percent of the time they are manifestations of fear. That little voice that tells you to give up? It is your ego. And you can pause it very easily if you change your perspective. Make a list of the things you appreciate. Write them down. Say them out loud. Tell someone that you are grateful for him or her. Appreciate what you have and you will re-align with your ability to receive much more than you have. If you keep complaining you will get stuck.

Change scenery

We can all be victims of the relentless routine and giving ourselves a rest is an obligation. One of the activities with the best return on investment that exists? Rest and recover. Athletes know this. You cannot go further, your muscles need time to rebuild. The same applies to your mind and energy. Take a rest. Go somewhere else. Get out into nature. Visit the people you love. If you are thinking of giving up, you may just be tired. Better stop what you are doing, do something that makes you feel good and return in a day or two to what you left pending. I can promise you that you will have a whole new perspective. You may even have found a solution.

Stay right

Thoughts materialize. What you think is exactly what you are going to live. What I mean by this is that if you expect bad things, bad things are going to happen to you because that is the perception you created of the world. It is very real that if you stay optimistic you can increase your health and satisfaction and you can attract more opportunities. It takes a bit of work to tell your ego to hold still when you're marching in self-pity or fear, but it's worth it because if you can't have inspiring thoughts you won't have an inspiring life. And who wants that? Take your internal dialogue seriously. Analyze it, change it.

Demonstrate through action

It is important to do what you say you are going to do, even when it seems to point to failure or loss. If you take small steps toward what you really want every day, even though you may not know how things will turn out, you will be on the path to profit, big or small. It does not matter if it is to send that email to collaborate on something or finally sit down with that investor (even if you do not think it will work) or finally publish that article … Everything is good for your growth, for your experience and for your success. You will never know where life will take you so stop hoping for the worst and start letting things happen.

Keeping the faith is the ultimate test. A test that will appear too many times both in business and in your personal life. And there may come a time when you really have to throw in the towel, but you will know how to recognize it because it will not be an improvised decision. Stay focused. Stay inspired. Remember how far you've come. Be grateful. Beware. And then see what happens.

For more inspiration, you can watch the Satya episode here.

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