Status is starting a new version of its wallet with updates and fixes

With the release of version 1.9, Status introduced some new features to its crypto wallet, including updates and fixes. This was reported to Cointelegraph in Spanish through a statement.

Among the additions added, the following can be named:, Profile status updates, link previews in chats, in-app push notifications for transactions, participation in a public chat to welcome you, backward compatibility for names of ENS users.

However, a few fixes were also made, including:

  • Label overlay when connecting to a custom mail server

  • Ability to save a new custom mail server with

  • Ability to join a public chat using uppercase letters

  • Empty message bubbles on iOS in chat 1-1


Status is starting a new version of its wallet with updates and fixes
Status is starting a new version of its wallet with updates and fixes

Version 1.9 introduces local notifications in Android to confirm incoming transactions, outgoing transactions, or outgoing transaction errors. Another important feature for a crypto wallet.

It also adds backward compatibility for ENS usernames and bug fixes.

Status and chat

As explained in the instruction, a new Status tab allows each user to set their own status and view a feed that resembles a timeline of status updates for their contacts.

The new version also contains link previews in chats.

“Status has always enabled people to communicate with one another like never before. From sending P2P financial transactions to accessing a truly limitless economy and marketplaces to sending messages without intermediaries or surveillance, ”said Simona Pop, Community Leader.

Information about the status network

The Status Network works in groups that are spread around the world. They claim to be working to investigate how “financial and political oppression” can be combated using blockchain and other new technologies.

It is a global collective that develops products, tools and infrastructure in three areas:

1- In the Product area, contains the Communication Status App launched in Argentina, a keycard for an open payment network and other decentralized financial instruments.

2- In the Developer tools area, offers Embark and Subspace, two tools that developers can use to create decentralized applications.

3- In the Infrastructure areaThe Status Network has Vac, an RD initiative that creates a modular structure of peer-to-peer messages. This also includes Nimbus, which focuses on Ethereum 2.0 clients for cell phones and devices with limited resources.

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