Start the game “Play to Earn” which combines NFTs with chess

The game DChess should start next November 15th. However, the sale of collection boards is already available to play until November 12th. This was reported from the game’s official website.

DCess is a game in which you can play chess, but under the philosophy “Play to Earn” (P2E). As explained on the official website, no initial investment is required to generate revenue and they stated it was a “Free to Play” game.

“We have created this system that rewards your stay and your efforts. Every player, every style is unique and we offer you the possibility that your boards and pieces will also be unique in the future. That’s why Introduction of a board rarity system where every board automatically becomes a collector’s item and highly coveted with a more than interesting value, “said the people behind DChess.

Start the game “Play to Earn” which combines NFTs with chess
Start the game “Play to Earn” which combines NFTs with chess

“Millions of people around the world play chess every day without generating an income, just for entertainment. With DCess, reality changes as we propose an economic model for this classic game but keep the two original game modes: Classic and Blitz” , added them later.


The DChess economy is based on two tokens: the QUEEN and the KING. These represent both the direction of the project and each player’s profit in the game.

NFT boards

The first way users can get a DCess board is through the official pre-sale of NFTs.

Those panels that are not pre-sold are divided into four follow-up sales in which the contamination in the panel materials is increased. This will give the first generation boards a special value.

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