Start a gift wrapping service this week

Do you want to start a seasonal business that requires a minimum investment? This is the option.

By Marissa Sánchez


Start a gift wrapping service this week
Start a gift wrapping service this week

Christmas is one of the most popular times of the year; It ranges from classic inns and family celebrations to shopping for gifts and vacation trips. All of this creates a significant economic burden and business opportunities arise.

One of the reasons that explain this increase in the consumption of products and services is the payment of the so-called Christmas bonus, of which the citizens of the capital provide an average of 22% for the various festivals in December. For example, for Christmas or New Year’s Eve dinner and to buy gifts. According to a study by the Small Chamber of Commerce, Services, and Tourism of Mexico City (Canacope), those expenses are between $ 3,300. Mexicans invest an average of $ 200 during exchanges in the office or with family.

Therefore, at the end of the year, people from the socio-economic segments C, C +, B, B + and A are filled with gifts of all kinds. And an essential part of any gift is undoubtedly its presentation; that is, the envelope.


Start with a shop that specializes in gift wrapping: from small packages of perfume, shoes or glasses to cars. Here are your best supplies – in addition to decorative items that you can get in special decorative materials stores or even the local Central de Abasto – your creativity and imagination. The first advantage of this model is that you can start from home and contact your customers through the internet or visit them directly at their home or office to provide the service to them.

And since they say love is born out of sight, set up a webpage (about $ 50,000) that has various examples of your work, with a clear description of the materials used and the delivery time (emergency services may be available or last minute surcharge) and promotions (e.g. discounts for the packaging of business gifts). Don’t forget to be active on social networks: on Facebook, users can share their experiences and opinions. On Pinterest, on the other hand, you can upload photos of your creations.

Discover all the market opportunities: from private customers looking for 100% personalized options, to corporate customers (who guarantee volume), to some fashion stores that need to outsource this function. Another way for your company to be successful is for people to give away all year round either for Christmas (high season), February 14th, Mother’s Day, or on birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations.

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