StarColl debuts in the Star Wars NFT collection

StarColl, an NFT market and a collection exclusively dedicated to one of the largest private collections of Star Wars memorabilia, He is in the process of releasing digital twins from his catalog.

According to an announcement on Tuesday, Early registration begins on May 4th, Star Wars Day..

The Star Wars Collection will include more than 800 limited-edition collectibles from the iconic science fiction film franchise that will be released as non-consumable tokens on the StarColl Marketplace.

StarColl debuts in the Star Wars NFT collection
StarColl debuts in the Star Wars NFT collection

Each StarColl NFT is a digital twin to a real physical item from the vast Star Wars collection.Owners of each NFT also have the option to include their names in the NFT metadata that will appear in all future StarColl road shows.

Also, by owning listed NFTs, you will receive lifetime free tickets to StarColl’s global travel show.

The announcement also revealed that all metadata and proprietary information is secured on the QAN blockchain platform., a decentralized network that is reported to be resistant to the attack vectors of the quantum search algorithm.

Comment on the strong security of the StarColl NFT collection, Johann Polecsak, CTO of QANplatform, said:

The security of NFTs is neglected these days. Nobody is talking about cybersecurity issues and vulnerabilities behind the NFT ecosystem. Hackers can easily change the source of NFTs that have sold for thousands of dollars to memes. StarColl’s NFTs are protected by the quantum-resistant QAN blockchain network, which stores metadata and proprietary information. “

NFTs based on pop culture references are widespread, and artists and creators are creating digital twins based on movies, songs, and other works of art. Popular art.

March, The decentralized film financing platform Mogul Productions announced plans to start an NFT in collaboration with the comic artist Rob Prior.

Celebrity NFTs are also becoming commonplace at the intersection of blockchain art and pop culture. People like skateboarding legend Tony Hawk and rap rock icon Mike Shinoda have also released their own NFTs.

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