Starbucks employees are complaining about this trend

Can you imagine ordering a drink with more than 30 ingredients? No, apparently this is the latest trend some customers are dating Starbucks. “On today’s episode, why I want to quit my job,” wrote the user of Twitter @ProjectJosiee adds a photo of an ice cold drink with a long list of special requests.

Although the tweet is currently no longer available, it quickly went viral and received more than 52,000 retweets and 336,000 likes. People. In response to this message, other cafeteria employees began to share their experiences with such orders.

Starbucks employees are complaining about this trend
Starbucks employees are complaining about this trend

Even the American actress, comedian, and writer Ashley Nicole black He commented, “I knew it had to be an application request. Nobody would order this out loud by making eye contact. “However, another user responded to his tweet with another photo of a long list of ingredients that said,” You would be surprised if a lady personally ordered this with a completely serious face. ”

And what does the company say about these drinks?

In accordance with Fox NewsThe coffee company commented that there are more than 170,000 ways baristas can personalize drinks with a variety of dairy products, syrups, coffee options, and toppings. The company also added that consumers who want a drink that is not on their menu should know the recipe well so that the barista can prepare it perfectly for them.

And you how do you like your drink

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