Stable coins are the “gateway to decentralization”

Talking to Virtual Blockchain Week attendees from home in Kansas Alyze Sam, co-author of a key stable coin guide, suggested that stable coins could be key for large companies like Facebook and JP Morgan to accept decentralized assets as a form of payment.

His charm in the Midwest matched his deep understanding of stable coinsand Sam sees that these digital assets have a long-term place in the crypto world.

“They don’t have this decentralization. They don’t fill the freedom we all want to experience, but stablecoins offer the benefits of cryptocurrencies, including crypto security and the ability to digitally transfer assets with fast transactions.”

Stable coins are the “gateway to decentralization”
Stable coins are the “gateway to decentralization”

Screenshot from Virtual Blockchain Week

Although some stable coins like Tether are controversial (Tether was only 74% covered by the Fiat currency at a time), Sam says that with the introduction of larger companies with stable coins, acceptance will ultimately increase. She said it was a remedy “To teach them what exists in a decentralized economy“”

Banking institutions like JPMorgan Chase, the largest in the United States, issues its own stable currency, JPM Coin. The Libra project launched by Facebook is also considering securing its token with a basket of stable coins.

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