Spotify launches Premium Duo, a subscription for couples

For 129 Mexican pesos a month, you can enjoy your favorite music from anywhere. The only requirement is that both people live in the same house.

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Spotify launches Premium Duo, a subscription for couples
Spotify launches Premium Duo, a subscription for couples

One year after the start of the test phase Spotify starts his new subscription Premium duowhich is aimed at all couples who live in the same house. The service costs 129 Mexican pesos per month and includes a free trial month.

This function prevents people having to switch with the Streaming Musical and offers an independent premium service for everyone. Both people will also get one Playlist Call Duo Mixwhere the musical preferences that the couple have in common are accumulated.

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This subscription offers monthly savings for those who already have a “base bonus” or who share a “family bonus”, as some rumors suggest that prices for these options may go up in the future.

To buy Premium Duo, only both people have to live in the same place. If you already have a Premium subscription, you can easily change by selecting the Premium Duo subscription change on your account page.

In this way, Spotify wants to be more attractive to its users, offer different services and adapt to the taste and needs of each individual consumer.

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