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Sport is your best business weapon (apart from having a “sexy” body)

June 15, 2020

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The physical activity It is a $ 87.5 billion industry. However, the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports that only 23% of adults do the exercises necessary to stay healthy.

Sport is your best business weapon (apart from having a “sexy” body)Sport is your best business weapon (apart from having a “sexy” body)

Despite good intentions, many people feel too busy to spend enough time on it exercise: Half of the people who started a training program, according to statistics, will quit after the first six months.

I understand that you have many things to do as an entrepreneur. Even if you usually spend five minutes doing yoga at home every morning, you may be wondering if this exercise really pays off when things get really difficult.

People often associate physical activity with a sexy and toned bodyAnd thanks to the “thinning” filters on platforms like Instagram, all of our contacts often seem to be in good shape. And you don’t have time to go to the gym to lose weight or gain strength.

A good physique and good looks may not always be enough motivation to elude your responsibility. However, physical fitness goes far beyond appearance. In fact, it offers several other advantages, e.g. B. work more efficiently and effectively.

These are just a few of the benefits that regular exercise offers in addition to a good physique:

It gives you more energy

If you are exhausted after a long day and want to die, the last thing you want is to do a physically demanding workout in the gym. While your body doesn’t have to become a machine with total fatigue, it has been shown that it gives you extra energy when you are active.

If you jog at night or take a short walk around the streets around your office at lunchtime, you can feel revitalized without the adverse effects of increasing caffeine intake.

Improve your mood

Some people believe that regular exercise can help fight mild depression, which is why physical activity is often prescribed for those who feel sad. While it can be difficult to motivate yourself to get off the couch when you feel bad, exercise can help improve your mood in the short and long term.

Sleep better

You know how important sleeping is, but as a busy entrepreneur, you may feel that it is your lowest priority. You may even have to work when you are away from the office and want to stay up late. Think about how you can solve the problems you are facing.

As difficult as it is to separate and rest, it is important that you really do it. If you find it difficult to fall asleep at night, you can sleep better and spend a quieter night if you have time for physical activity during the day.

Reduces the risk of illness

Heart disease is responsible for approximately one in four deaths in the United States. Other diseases such as diabetes and obesity are also major health problems that many professionals face today. Such diseases can have a serious impact on all aspects of your life, not just your health. It is therefore important to do everything possible to avoid them. One of those things is movement.

By staying physically fit and active, you can fight the occurrence of certain diseases, reduce your risk and enjoy better health for longer.

Improves brain function

Have you ever had days when you felt like you were walking in a fog bank and unable to concentrate? This happens to everyone, but as you struggle more and more with this effect, you should consider being more physically active.

Exercise is a great way to cleanse your brain and improve its function. This enables you to concentrate better, think more clearly and feel better overall.

Reduces stress

Nobody is immune to stress and can affect you at different times of the day. While stress is a natural part of life, too much stress can have some negative effects on the mind and body.

Fortunately, you can counteract this by getting up from your desk and being active. Staying in shape can help you reduce stress and work towards a better quality of life.

Enjoy nature

Being outside when this is the type of physical activity you choose (cycling, walking, running, skating, kayaking, softball, etc.) offers a number of health benefits, in addition to the general, of staying physically fit. (have fresh air, see landscapes, contact friends, have fun). So why not combine the two?

There is a lot you can do outside. Instead of going to the gym, you should take a walk to get active and enjoy the view and other benefits of nature.


Physical fitness offers many more advantages than a sexy body. From reducing the risk of contracting certain diseases to adding energy: staying physically active and fit gives you a better quality of life, which in turn leads to a better balance.