Split Between the Left and Right, Ontario Votes

He again called his followers the “Ford Nation,” and his campaign materials and signs largely omitted any mention of the Progressive Conservative Party in favor of the family brand.

But over all his campaign was less flamboyant than his tenure on the City Council, when he once challenged a heckler at a council meeting to meet him on the floor while repeatedly shouting, “Bring it on, big guy.”

For most of this campaign, Mr. Ford often seemed to be reciting his speeches with all the vibrancy of an auditor reading a routine statement about a company’s accounts during an annual meeting. His interactions with reporters have been brief and tightly controlled.

Split Between the Left and Right, Ontario Votes
Split Between the Left and Right, Ontario Votes

This week, though, the campaign took another twist when Rob Ford’s widow, Renata Ford, sued Doug and the third Ford brother, Randy, claiming they had deprived her and her two children of at least 16.5 million Canadian dollars ($12.7 million) by, among other things, mismanaging the family’s adhesive labels business, Deco Labels.

The lawsuit claims that the company has lost millions of dollars under Mr. Ford’s management, perhaps undermining his often-repeated campaign argument that his success in business is his chief qualification to lead the province.

Mr. Ford has vigorously denied the accusations raised by his sister-in-law but has also not answered questions about Deco Label’s finances.

Ms. Wynne has never enjoyed strong popularity in polls, but during her time in office much of Ontario’s economy has boomed, she has started several large infrastructure programs and has introduced other measures that drew support, like reduced tuition for many students and free prescription drugs for the young and people over 65.

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