Speculation versus investment. What’s the secret sauce to make money?

Why do we have bitcoin? What is the purpose of this purchase? When we buy a car, we can say that the purpose of the purchase is transportation. When we buy a property, we can say it is the house. Anyway, clothes, food, Netflix, health insurance and the like. We spend money for the value in use. Be it a good one or a service. Consumption is the ultimate end. Of course, our purchases do not always have a practical purpose in the strictest sense. In many cases, a purchase also serves a social purpose. They’re usually status symbols. In general, however, we can say that most of our expenses correspond to a practical need. What needs does Bitcoin meet? What is the intent behind this purchase?

Bitcoin is a code. In other words, it’s an abstraction in the same category as language, math, and time. In fact, money is the real responsibility for writing the scriptures. The accountant is the first writer. In short, civilization owes a lot to the first trading cities.

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