Special price for November 3, 2020

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Special price for November 3, 2020
Special price for November 3, 2020

It started on the Disney Plus side an advertisement applicable from November 3, 2020 to November 16 of this year with a price per year of 1,359 pesos. However, the monthly price has not yet been published.

It was in the first quarter of 2019 when Bob Iger made the official announcement of Disney Plus, with price, catalog and launch in the US, Canada and some parts of Europe. The service would arrive in November that year, and 12 months later it would finally be available in Mexico and Latin America.

However, over the course of a few weeks the Disney Plus Latin America account has been playing with us and they said little about the price, although there are some details that can be helpful and the key is in the application for Android.

What does Disney Plus cost?

If we go to the official Disney applications section on Google Play and select Disney Plus, we will not be able to download the application yet. However, if you type in “more information” it will bring up a new screen with the following information, especially one that interests us saying “in-app purchases”

Disney plus price

The prizes it deals with are two: 135 pesos to 1,349 pesos apiece. Remember, there are two ways to pay Disney Plus in the US: one monthly fee and another The annualIn both cases we’re talking about $ 6.99 and $ 69, however This does not mean that these are the final pricesWhat Google is doing is converting the dollars that go into the application’s purchases in the US, but it can certainly give us an indication of the possible final prices.

Which is it Catalog Disney Plus will have in Mexico and Latin America? Miracle studios

  • Marvel Studios – movies and series
  • Animated classics
  • Marvel Classic animated
  • Disney Channel series
  • Star Wars – Movies + Series
  • Walt Disney Studios Exclusive
  • Pixar
  • Local productions Latin America

Where will the Disney Plus app be?

The service in the US is available on these devices, and since it has been tested for a year, it is certain that it will be the same in Mexico:

  • Apple (iPhone, iPad, Apple TV,)
  • Google (integrated devices for Android, Android TV, Google Chromecast and Chromecast)
  • Microsoft (Xbox One)
  • Sony / Sony Interactive Entertainment (all televisions with integrated Android as well as PS4 and PS5);
  • Roku
  • PC and Mac

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